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Cubitek Tattoo Fire

Posted April 8, 2011 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Cubitek Tattoo is a mid-tower case that looks rather austere from the front, no outlandish angles or shapes, and no distinct features to speak of, really. It’s a straightforward design, mostly mesh, and the Cubitek logo on the bottom.

Immediately apparent on the rear of the Tattoo Fire is the rear color. We don’t usually see such attention paid to this area, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise to see this big splash of bright red, in keeping with the theme. We find two water cooling holes with grommets to the side of the 7 expansion slots in case you have any desire to go with an external setup for liquid cooling. A 120mm exhaust fan completes the picture.

The Tattoo Fire chassis combines straight lines with slightly curved edges at the front and top of the chassis; both side panels are solid, very light yet still nice and firm and are held in place with thumbscrews. A nice addition to the Tattoo fire is the large windowed left side panel.

Both side panels have a very clean finish, simple and yet very appealing and stylish.

Moving along to the top of the case, we see the power switches and I/O connections on the front leading edge. As you look towards the rear of the Tattoo Fire you see the storage tray with a USB2.0 connection and the 140mm fan cover at the rear.

There is an e-SATA, two USB 2.0, and audio jacks included. The Power and Reset Switches have a nice smooth feel to them and should prove to be trouble-free after many clicks. On the far left side you see the switch to control the lighting of the front and top fans.

On the bottom of the Tattoo Fire we see more bright and bold red coloring. I have to admit this took me by surprise; if you thought coloring the rear of the case was unique then take a look here. It is very nice, but I have to admit that it seems a bit of a waste when the bottom of the case really will never been seen. There are four tall rubber feet to prevent the case from unwanted sliding or moving. You can also see an air intake vent for the power supply. The dust filter for the power supply mounting is removable but you will have to remove the power to do so since it is on the inside of the chassis. This is an unfortunate design misstep in our opinion, as it’s simply impractical to have to remove the power supply rather than a filter.

Let’s move onto the interior.

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