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CSX Diablo 6GB DDR3-2000

Posted April 30, 2009 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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As we’ve seen with Intel’s Core i7 processors and its integrated memory controller, the performance results on triple channel memory modules really start to shine when they’re pushed, particularly above 1600MHz. It quickly became apparent in today’s direct comparison that not all DDR3-2000 modules are created equal, and the CSX Diablo modules offer excellent performance and still have a bit of headroom left for overclocking beyond their rated specifications. The tolerances and returns are smaller the higher you go in the speed department, but these modules have sufficient gas left in the tank to reach some blistering numbers on your system. Running 1866MHz at CL8 timings is nothing to scoff and, and there are precious few products that can achieve the upper echelon of performance that approach almost 2100MHz. CSX has indicated to us that they’ve already been working on 2200MHz modules, and while we think you can never have too much speed with computers, those types of numbers leave us wondering what type of hardware you’d need to push those speeds and beyond.

The CSX Diablo modules sport some great aesthetics, and would look very sleek in several X58 motherboards. The heatspreaders are a bit tall, so be aware of the clearances, but they should be fine for most setups. We only could identify two drawbacks with these modules: the first is that these sticks tend to be a bit picky with the voltages and corresponding overclock settings to get them to 2000MHz and beyond. While some enthusiasts may feel that is part of the overclocking fun, we’re not entirely convinced the majority of people share that sentiment. That being said, once you get the feel for these sticks, they do run very fast. The second issue is the lack of X.M.P profiles, which we feel should be standard for top-end modules such as these, and particularly for ones running at 2000MHz when you consider the price tag.

CSX Diablo modules are not as widely available as some other brands, particularly in North America, but they are carried by Tank Guys as an exclusive CSX retailer. Our experience with Tank Guys has been exceptional, and these particular 6GB modules are available for $340 USD at the time of this review. The price tag for these modules is not cheap, but top performance rarely is.

CSX has done a fine job with these modules, showcasing beautiful aesthetics, quality construction, and excellent performance. If you’re looking to jump on the Core i7 bandwagon, and have a very healthy budget to satisfy your need for speed, then these CSX Diablo DDR3-2000 modules deserve a good look.


CSX 6GB DDR3-2000

Our thanks go to CSX for providing the Diablo modules for this review.



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