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Crucial M225 128GB SSD

Posted September 10, 2009 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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We know that Crucial has arrived a bit late to the Indlilinx SSD party, but we also know from experience that Crucial also has historically made sure they release a product that is top notch, and won’t cut corners to rush something to market that’s subpar. And the M225 is another perfect example of that, displaying gorgeous aesthetics, excellent performance, and a great price and warranty support.

In terms of performance, the Crucial M225 doesn’t exhibit any stuttering issues previously known to happen in some multi-layer SSDs. We also see that the write-to performance is also very impressive and avoids slowdowns that have been apparent on other drives. There’s no denying the excellent performance of this drive; the read speeds can reach almost 260MB/s depending on the test, and the write speeds can top out at almost 200MB/s in some cases as we’ve seen. These are some of the better results we’ve seen to date, putting the M225 near the top of the performance heap in just about every test we ran. The performance results are, quite simply, excellent.

Currently retailing for approximately $319 USD for 128GB, the M225 sits near the lower end of the price range for that SSD capacity. While it isn’t cheap, it is competitive in terms of price-to-performance. It runs very close to the performance of the top Indilinx-based SSDs we’ve seen yet is more affordable than all of them. What this means is that the Crucial M225 offers some of the best performance results at the cheapest price of all the Indilinx-based SSDs on the market, even beating OCZ’s Agility that targets the same market segment.

The one notable difference between these two products, however, is the availability of the Wiper or Performance Restore utility to help maintain peak drive performance over time. This type of utility is absolutely crucial (no pun intended, honest) in our opinion when determining SSD purchase options. While the M225 does not presently have such a utility available at the time of this publishing, we’ve been assured by Crucial that it is coming very soon, along with TRIM support for Windows 7. This may cause some hesitancy with consumers, but our experience with Crucial has shown that their support is top notch, though a little slow in terms of development hitting the retail channels. Crucial usually seems to come out with product releases just a bit behind much of the other manufacturers, but I suppose they can’t really be faulted for making sure they get the job done right. And true to form, they’ve spent their time wisely and have now released an excellent product in the M225 as a result.

The M225 posts some very impressive performance results across the board, has the ability to update the firmware, will very soon offer a Performance Restore utility, offers a 5 year warranty that is better than most manufacturers, and is very well priced for what you get in return as it’s one of the least expensive Indilinx-based SSDs on the market. We have to admit, that is a very compelling combination for consumers. Crucial has done a excellent job with the M225 SSD, keeping a lower price without sacrificing any performance in the process. If you’re looking for a very fast SSD at a very competitive price, then we highly recommend the Crucial M225.


Crucial M225 128GB SSD

Our thanks go to Crucial for providing the M225 for this review.



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