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Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer 6GB DDR3-1600

Posted May 30, 2011 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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Dual channel memory kits seem to be all the rage these days. Just about every manufacturer across the board keeps coming out with faster and beefier modules. And while we do think this is a good thing for the most part, it also means that much of the love for triple channel memory seems to have been lost lately. Triple channel memory kits are the big dogs on the block, running exclusively on the Intel LGA1366 racetrack.

We’ve seen many memory kits, both dual and triple channel, to suit just about any preference or personality. We’ve seen ones for the budget-conscious gamer, El Cheapo, and the peformance-driven enthusiast, Mr. Octane. But finding a kit for Mr. Bling, the person who craves something very unique and flashy, is a rarity. LAN Parties are a popular hangout of the Bling Guy, and no heatsink, no exhaust fan, no memory module is too ostentatious for this creature. Of course, Mr. Bling isn’t to be confused with Mr. Obsessive, the guy that wants to constant monitor every aspect of his system, right down to the temperatures on the memory modules.

Well, today we have a memory kit that may satisfy Mr. Bling and Mr. Obsessive in one fell swoop: a set of Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer 6GB DDR3-1600 modules. These aren’t the garden variety Tracer sticks that simply blink; no, these are Smart Tracers, the intelligent cousin to the original design. Not only do they blink, but you can change the pattern and colour of the lighting effects, while still monitoring the temperatures of your pimped-up memory sticks.

Necessary? No. Over the top? Hellya. These sticks are about as crazy as it gets, so let’s take a closer look at the Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracers and see what they can do.

Our Crucial brand reflects our status as the only consumer memory upgrade supplier that’s part of a major DRAM manufacturer. We sell high-quality memory that has been qualified and approved by most major OEMs. The Crucial.com website features innovative online tools and an intuitive design that makes it easy to find compatible memory and recommended upgrades.



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