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CREATIVE Sound BlasterX H5 Gaming Headset Review

Posted March 31, 2016 by Josh Jackson in PC Audio


Hardware: ,
Price at time of Review: $99.49 on Amazon


Nice gaming Aesthetic, Quality Construction, Very Comfortable, Excellent sound and mic Performance


The Sound BlasterX H5 is a great analog headset that really shines in music listening and comfort. It certainly makes a strong case for the reason behind what could be considered a higher price tag.
by Josh Jackson
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P1010776The Sound BlasterX H5 is an excellent analog headset. It has the look and feel of quality in every aspect while managing to have a great sound as well. Every detail is accounted for from how long the cable is, to the quality of the case so you can easily pack it up and take it places. I’ve yet to find anything on this unit that I feel isn’t up to par and I especially love how comfortable it is. The only minor quibble I could come up with was a slight lack of crisp in certain high-pitched action sounds, but this is extremely minor indeed considering how great the music experience is. From just a quality and performance standpoint, this unit is a slam dunk.

While the MSRP is a bit higher, the fact you can pick up this headset with Prime shipping for $99.49 (at the time of this writing) is a plus. Some of you might be thinking that’s a bit high for a headset, especially considering how cheap off brands can be, but I’m not sure this is actually the case. CREATIVE could be benefiting from the fact that I haven’t owned many headsets, but when it comes to sound, my main concern is whether I’d be happy with the money I spent. Considering the quality of the sound it’s certainly up there with some of the best and I’ve learned that sound quality usually costs a bit extra. Considering the comfort, I feel like the $100 is very well spent. Once again, I’ve used some very uncomfortable headsets so I was impressed that I could go hours with the H5 on and never feel the need to take it off.

Overall, I would certainly recommend the H5 to anyone who is picky about sound. If you find that most speakers/headsets sound the same to you, then this guy might seem like a bit too much money. However, if you’re like me and you’re scared to death to pull the trigger because audio might sound horrible by your standards, then I think the Sound BlasterX H5 will make you a happy camper. It feels like the designers put their best effort into this unit. For this reason, Pure Overclock happily awards the CREATIVE Sound BlasterX H5 the Editor’s Choice Award!editore_choice_white_bg







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