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Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review

Posted May 4, 2017 by Mario Campos in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $249.99


Inexpensive for a gaming chair, sturdy steel design, rarely seen options for armrest placement, lumbar and head pillow are good at their jobs


Mildly fragile hinge facade, embroidery can tear from leather with constant human interaction (head pillow), armrests are wobbly in horizontal rotation
A great entry level gaming chair that should hold up to rigorous use, though may lose some non-integral aesthetics along the way. Parts added for good looks may not last.
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by Mario Campos
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First Impressions


Unrelated to Cougar or Champ Chairs, the box was absolutely destroyed when it arrived. Turns out, when you live in the middle of nowhere, you should expect your package to be manhandled by quite a few people. The good news was, the contents were mostly unharmed.


Upon opening the box, the insides were displayed beautifully as I would expect from a professional product. Once in hand, the seat and chair back feel sturdy, as it contains a steel frame. Even the base was mostly metal with the exception of a mold above each wheel position that has grooves for feet placement, supposing you are one of those people who prop your foot up on something when you get focused. Everything feels sturdy and durable. So why say “mostly unharmed,” then?




There are large plastic pieces that cover the hinge of the chair so you don’t lean back and lose a piece of skin in the chair. Due to the beating the box received during transit, the cover near the reclining lever broke off the chair. I imagine most people who order this chair will not have this problem and Champ Chairs is sending me a replacement, so customer service was not an issue. That being said, Cougar could probably stand to throw some foam insert or other protective measure near the outside edges of the box.

Let’s move on to the most noticeable material of the chair, the leather. I have seen and owned leather recliners that didn’t have leather that looked to have the quality this chair has. Mind you, it is a fake leather, but fake leather has its own quality. PVC leather, known to some as “pleather,” is a breathable facsimile of leather made from PVC. Poromeric imitation leather uses a plastic coating over a fibrous base layer, which I’m assuming is the same process for this PVC leather as well. In other words, you’ll be less likely to have a sweaty back, but time and temperature will tell.


The logos on the chair are all embroidered, which, in my personal opinion, has more appeal than screen printing or vinyl that wears off over time. The back of the chair, front head rest, and both pillows have the Cougar logo on them. Did I mention pillows? The Armor Gaming chair comes with a head pillow and lumbar pillow. At first I wondered why anyone would want a pillow jutting out at them on a chair. Now, I kind of wonder why there are chairs that don’t come with them. I’ll get to that in a bit.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been excited to assemble a chair, but I’ve never put a chair together with the expectation of feeling comfortable sitting in it. let’s talk about assembly.

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