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Corsair Vengeance K90

Posted May 16, 2012 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Having used many keyboards in my day, I am a huge fan of the mechanical design, and the K90 is built like a tank, able to withstand an enormous amount of abuse. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a great exercise in minimalism, and a refreshing and unique change from most other black keyboards on the market. Some may prefer a more flashy approach, but the sleek design works extremely well here, with a wonderfully slimline design. In addition, not only is the "floating" effect of the keys above the deck beautiful, but it’s very functional as well to allow for easy cleanout with the inevitable food crumbs we’re all prone to.

Further, the K90 has a substantial weight and doesn’t move during hectic fragging sessions. It’s extremely sturdy, with a weighty character that feels very solid. The Cherry Red switches are an interesting choice, as they’re silent with a linear travel, and therefore suited to gaming. But they’re also very light to the touch, so poor touch typists may curse the choice by Corsair. Those who are skilled typists will love the deft feel and speed though.

RTS and MMORPG gamers will find the extensive macros an utter delight, though users who frequent repetition-intensive keyboard tasks such as those found on Photoshop or AutoCAD can also benefit greatly. The K90 would certainly look svelte in any office setting.

Other than the sheer size of the board, we can’t really find any detractions on the Vengeance K90. If we really try to nitpick, it would be nice if other Cherry MX switches were available for any user preference. Some may prefer MX Brown or Blue switches, for example. That said, it’s an item on our wishlist that doesn’t really detract from what is otherwise a fantastic product.

Retailing for about $140, the Vengeance K90 isn’t cheap, but great design and functionality rarely are. It’s not much more than most other mechanical keyboards on the market, and the small premium is well worth the investment in our opinion. Corsair has a real winner here.

The Pure Point: The Corsair Vengeance K90 showcases an excellent combination of sleek design, extensive features, and smart ergonomics.

Corsair Vengeance K90




    I have this keyboard and I believe this is the best keyboard ever made! It is quite pricey though…


    Believe the hype! The K90 really is that good. I have owned numerous high-end keyboards over the years, all the major brands really and very expensive too. The K90 destroys every single one of those for me. It is literally the keyboard of my dreams. I do a lot of typing as well as FPS gaming and Photoshopping. This keyboard excels at all three of those tasks, thanks to the mechanical keys and eighteen G Key configuration. It is of course designed for MMO gamers, so if you are looking for a more sophisticated and grown up keyboard, with the afore mentioned uses in mind, this is IT! *****

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