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Corsair Vengeance K90

Posted May 16, 2012 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Corsair is a company that is very well known originally for their memory, but increasingly of late are becoming even better known for the much wider range of products. It appears the compnay has been quite successful expanding into other areas of the computer component market, such as cases, power supplies, and even peripherals catering to the enthusiast and gamer crowd. More precisely, Corsair has an entire lineup of gaming devices carried under the Vengeance series brand, and we’ve found them to be very well done overall.

Today we’re looking at the latest addition to the Corsair Vengeance lineup: the K90 mechanical keyboard. Mechanical boards have become all the rage of late, and it seems everything old is new again, with updated tweaks, of course. Gaming keyboards, and specifically mechanical ones, are quickly taking hold amongst the enthusiast crowd. The days of the cheap plastic boards that die after a few fragging sessions are becoming nothing but a distant memory.

I’ll admit that I love mechanical keyboards. After you’ve caressed one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, shunning the old membrane board for the sexy Cherry MX switch designs. There’s something refreshingly satisfying about a keyboard that provides real feedback, rather than sitting there like a piece of wasted plastic.

The Vengeance K90 does indeed sport the vaunted Cherry MX switches, comes with fully backlit keys, sports a glut of dedicated macro keys for MMORPG fans, and comes with a rather competitive price tag of $140. Sounds pretty good from the spec sheet. Let’s take a closer look and see how it fares in actual use.




    I have this keyboard and I believe this is the best keyboard ever made! It is quite pricey though…


    Believe the hype! The K90 really is that good. I have owned numerous high-end keyboards over the years, all the major brands really and very expensive too. The K90 destroys every single one of those for me. It is literally the keyboard of my dreams. I do a lot of typing as well as FPS gaming and Photoshopping. This keyboard excels at all three of those tasks, thanks to the mechanical keys and eighteen G Key configuration. It is of course designed for MMO gamers, so if you are looking for a more sophisticated and grown up keyboard, with the afore mentioned uses in mind, this is IT! *****

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