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Corsair Hydro H80 and H100

Posted December 13, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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\We are seeing that self-contained liquid cooling units are becoming increasingly popular, as technology improves and offers lower maintenance, better performance, and cheaper prices as things move ahead. The days of the garbage all-in-one wannabee water coolers are long gone. With industry heavyweights Corsair and CoolIT having teamed up, the H80 and H100 are fine examples of what can be accomplished for mainstream consumers. Indeed, water cooling solutions aren’t exclusively the realm of diehard enthusiasts anymore.

In terms of performance, both the H80 and H100 can easily handle stock CPU speeds on any platform. When overclocked, however, the H100 can still manage to keep temperatures in check, while the H80 will struggle at higher speeds. Moderate overclocking is the name of the game with these mainstream solutions, and that’s also where the noise-to-performance settings are also ideal. Pushing a high overclock will result in noisy fan speeds, so there’s a balance to be had here. The H100 will rival most top air coolers on the market, so we are impressed by the thermal efficiency, provided you are satisfied with moderate overclocks.

However, the considerable downside here is the cost. We found the H80 on sale for $95 ($110 regular) and H100 for $115. The top air coolers out there are considerably cheaper, so these Corsair units do come with a premium for the convenience factor (and bragging rights, let’s be honest) of a self-contained liquid cooling unit. That said, while we think both of these units are very good, we do like the H100 a bit more, as it offers better performance, allows higher overclocks, and will run quieter than the H80. The Corsair Hydro H80 and H100 are very good self-contained liquid cooling units, but they do come with a stiff price tag as a result.

The Pure Point: Strong liquid cooling units for modest overclocks, but the Corsair H80 and H100 come with high price tags.

Corsair H80 and H100


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    Would love to see some benchmarks for new generation of CPUs with air v H100i/H80i

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