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Corsair AX1200i

Posted April 8, 2013 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $349


Sleek design; Fully modular; Flat cable design; LINK monitoring; Outstanding performance; 7 year warranty


Outstanding performance backed by sleek styling and innovative features.
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by Jake
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In the world of architecture, there is a famous axiom that “Less is more.” However, when it comes to power supplies, it would seem that “More is more”. More features and more power are fine, but greater efficiency and better quality are also things that consumers have come to expect from modern power supplies. Indeed, the Corsair AX1200i is a power supply that delivers solid features and performance and does it in style as well.

The fully modular cable design employs an easy-to-use and labeled design, and the entire package is housed in a scratch-resistant and lightly textured finish. Corsair provides a huge number of cables, while the lengths are also generous. We love the flat cable design which we find very easy to work with, and help keep your internal case setup clean and unobstructed. The LINK hardware/software setup is certainly unique, though we’re not entirely convinced of the long-term interest; will users want to sit there monitoring their system endlessly? We’re inclined to think the novelty will wear off for most people fairly quickly.

From a performance standpoint, the Corsair AX1200i 80PLUS Platinum is not only a fantastic looking power supply, it also delivers rock solid performance and features. As you can see from the testing results, the unit has outstanding voltage regulation and noise suppression (ripple) even when taxed out with our extremely power-hungry high end system.

This quality and performance doesn’t come cheap, as one can expect, with the AX1200i retailing for approximately $349 at major online vendors, making it one of the most expensive units in this power range that are 80PLUS Platinum certified. However, you do get top performance and Corsair’s impeccable reliability. A purchase like this is indeed an investment, so the mindset is entirely different from mere mortals who “only” need something like a 750W power supply.

A behemoth power supply in just about every conceivable manner of criteria, the AX1200i is feature-rich, strong, durable, sleekly designed, and can handle anything you can muster, providing rock solid stability and power for the most expensive system. The Corsair AX1200i is an elite power supply for very demanding users, and if you’re one of the lucky few who has the need and budget for one like this, congratulations to you; the Corsair AX1200i is one of the very best out there.

Corsair AX1200i


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    These really are just about the best psu’s there are ATM. I own 2 of these.
    You can save some money by looking for sales, of course.
    With the entire included feature set, there really aren’t very many others to compare with these supplies. They’re simply the best.

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