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CoolIT RAM & PCI Fans

Posted August 25, 2008 by admin in Cooling







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The fight to keep computer components cool is nothing new, and many enthusiasts have figured out ways to successfully wage this war in various ways, some clean and slick, some ghetto-rigged and proudly homemade. Regardless of the look, it’s ultimately the performance that is King. But what about having both? Good cooling in a slick package, easy to install, and cheap to purchase……is that too much to ask for these days? I certainly hope not. Today we’ll be looking at two products that aim to accomplish just that: the CoolIT RAM Fan and CoolIT PCI Booster. Each of these products are rather straightfoward in their goals and simple in their design; hopefully nothing terribly complicated about a couple fans, right?

With the expansion and acceleration of the computer industry in full swing CoolIT has been offering high performance coolers for today’s advancing technology. They pulled it off again as we will see today in our review of CoolIT’s cooling fans.

CoolIT has recently become more recognized in the cooling indutry, serving retail customers and OEM manufacturers alike. From CoolIT: "As technology changes to keep pace with the needs of gamers and today’s computationally intensive applications, computers are running hotter and hotter. And until now, cooling solutions have failed to meet the ever-increasing demand placed on computers, which means PC users aren’t getting the most from their machines."



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