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CoolIT ECO C240 A.L.C.

Posted July 29, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Today we’re examining the latest creation from CoolIT Systems. This is an A.L.C. (Advanced Liquid Cooling) system for modern processors and their power-hungry overclocking users pushing them to new limits. Liquid cooling has several benefits over air, but two of the most fundamental are silence and heat dissipation.  Since water has a greater capacity to dissipate heat over air, this becomes critical to people who like to overclock their CPUs; cooler temperatures allow higher, more stable overclocks.

However, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right?  Well, the corresponding two problems with liquid cooling is usually that the costs are rather steep, and the knowledge required to build an effective liquid cooling system can be rather intimidating to beginners (not to mention worries about leaks!)  And this is where the CoolIT ECO C240 A.L.C. comes in: a self-contained liquid cooling setup for your CPU that is easy to install and maintenance free, and all at an affordable price that is accessible to the masses.

CoolIT has become well-known for their thermoelectric (TEC) cooling solutions such as the Freezone and Freezone Elite, and appears to be heading into the more “mainstream” market of water cooling with the release of recent products such as the ECO 120 and now the ECO C240 which can be setup with either two or four fans working in a push/pull method of moving air across the radiator.  As such, the ECO C240 is strictly a water cooling-only product, there is no TEC technology at work here.  This means the system should be simpler and more cost-effective to produce, allowing novices enter the world of water cooling very easily and affordably.

For years, CoolIT Systems has been working with leaders in the computer industry to research, design, and provide an affordable new cooling product that provides a comprehensive solution for end users while exceeding high OEM standards. This carefully designed and patented technology unleashes the full potential of a PC, providing superior cooling performance while reducing system level noise and improving reliability of vital components. This small, but potent, pre-assembled product can be easily installed inside any standard chassis.



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