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Coolink Corator DS

Posted March 31, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Coolink Corator DS is a very good looking cooler that showcases a rather unique aesthetic, particularly with the colour scheme of the included fan. It is good to see an included fan, as some top-end air coolers don’t come with one, leaving consumers often frustrated at having to spend more money on another, separate purchase.

In terms of performance, we do think that performance is where it counts, and this Coolink cooler does a respectable job. In our testing we noted that while there are a handful of better performers, it is no slouch either, and can adequately handle an overclocked Core i7 monster CPU.

The backplate installation method for the Corator DS ia wise choice, as it’s preferred by most people over the antiquated Intel push pin system, and the SecuFirm 2 mounts make the entire process straightforward and quick. The only realy drawback here is the the fact there may be clearance issues posed by certain memory modules that have tall heatspreaders.

The Corator DS has slightly limited availability at online retailers, but can be found for about $60 USD, putting it in line with other top tower-style coolers. That is a decent value when you look at the cooling performance. While the Coolink Corator DS isn’t the top performer on the market, it does a respectable job, looks nice, and carries a decent price tag. It’s not a standout in any one category but it is indeed a good all-around cooler for your enthusiast needs.

Coolink Corator DS

Our thanks go to Kolink for providing the Corator DS for this review.



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