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Cooler Master V6GT

Posted June 29, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Cooler Master V6GT is a force to impress. However, at a price of $70 USD, it can be a tough pill to swallow, as some very good air coolers out there cost half as much, most notably Cooler Master’s own Hyper 212 Plus which is a fantastic value and performer as well. We’re quite pleased with its aesthetics and performance, but the price, when put into perspective, is a slight issue. For those looking for one of the best air coolers around, then the V6GT can offer fantastic performance for a price that doesn’t even begin to come near the best of the “mainstream” cooling solutions, custom water loops, which can run up to several hundreds of dollars.

Performance on the V6GT is great, installation is easy, and the LED is optional, so those who dislike visual "bling" can simply choose not to enable it. It’s worth noting that it isn’t at all gaudy, but for those looking for some major case bling, you’ll need cold cathodes or something. The V6GT looks good, performs well, and is a solid unit. Including not one, but 2 fans, as well as hardware for both, and all the mounting hardware you’d need to make it fit any recent socket (going back to LGA775 and AM2), it’s a pretty good deal. Let’s not forget that some coolers require the purchase of mounting hardware separately, and may not even come with a fan, let alone two of them. When you factor that in, the price tag is far more palatable.

Great air cooling with good looks? That’s a great combination for the Cooler Master V6GT.

Cooler Master V6GT



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