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Cooler Master V6GT

Posted June 29, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Features & Package

The V6GT blends muscle car looks with fantastic air cooling. When we think of muscle cars, we think loud rumbling, intense performance and classic looks. Only two of these are good for the PC environment. Intense noise from a heatsink can really make or break a build. Fan noise can range from a loud clanking to an incredibly annoying whine. Thankfully, noise can be controlled in a PC via PWM, which is featured on the V6GT’s fans.

The features for the V6GT follow:

Double V Heatpipes:
Cooler Master research has revealed that arranging the heatpipes in Vs allows for more contact with air, which reduces temperatures slightly. It also, fitting perfectly with the theme on this cooler, resembles an exhaust manifold.

Inclined Fin Array:
By putting the fins at a 5 degree incline, CM has effectively reduced airflow resistance.

Universal Pressure Mounting:
The V6GT is the first cooler from the V series to feature this steel pressure mounting. The mounting kit ensures that an even amount of force is applied across the CPU, evening out temperatures across CPU cores. This mounting kit is also backward compatible with other coolers of the V series.

Twin Dynaloop Performance Fans:
Two of Cooler Master’s most efficient and powerful fans are included with the V6GT. The fan’s blades are curved to maximize airflow. The fan is a CM designed fluid dynamic bearing. This design offers a better lifespan and less noise at max RPM over comparable sleeve or ball bearings. It can deliver a whopping 93CFM at 2200RPM. Fan speed and noise levels can be adjusted through PWM.

5.2 x 4.7 x 6.5 inches

The V6GT came in a very stylish, sleek box with just red and black. On the front, the phrase “Muscle Cooling” lets the prospective customer know what to expect as far as aesthetics go. The box is free of any gaudy marketing, with just the cooler featured in pictures. The top of the box shows the top of the cooler, with the LED button prominently visible, with engine components on either side of the cooler. The LED button looks a lot like an oil cap, contributing to the muscle car aesthetic.

The top of the box opens up and reveals the top of the cooler, which, oil cap aside, looks strikingly similar to a beastly engine. The cooler is held securely in place by a foam pad, it does its job well, and nothing really moves around while the unit is boxed.

Inside the accessory box, we find all the usual accessories for a heatsink. Mounting hardware, thermal paste and a manual.

Let’s take a closer look.

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