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Cooler Master V550 PSU Review

Posted August 7, 2014 by Mike in Cases & PSU


Release Date: Currently Available
Price at time of Review: $79.99 @ Newegg.com


Small size, ample cable length, high quality components, excellent build quality, great voltage regulation and ripple control, silent operation


Cables may be a bit long for small form factor systems
If you need small, efficient and quiet out of your PSU, this is definitely one to consider.
by Mike
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Final Thoughts


First of all, let’s start by saying that this has got to be one of the quietest power supplies we have heard, especially given the load it was under during testing. At no point was there anything more audible than the CPU cooler’s fan, and that’s saying a fair bit considering the quiet nature of the coolers used in testing today. Cooler Master and their competitors could take some notes from this fan for the rest of their fan lineup in terms of acoustic quality. As for the rest of the power supply? That’s a no-brainer. We have a straight-forward design with timeless good looks, all of the cables you could possibly need for a small form factor build, and great voltage regulation & ripple control. What’s not to like there?



Then there’s the price, which presently sits at 80 dollars on Newegg. This is among the least expensive 550 Watt 80+ Gold certified PSU’s that you can get your hands on, right alongside such giants as select Seasonic and Corsair units. Couple that with a five year warranty and frankly there becomes little to no reason to consider anything but this for your next small build. Sure you might have some issues with extra cable length, but for this level of build quality and value we’re certain that you will be able to cope. We are happy to grant the Cooler Master V550 the PureOverclock Editor’s Choice award!


editors_whiteCooler Master V550 PSU

Thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with our review sample, and as always, feel free to discuss this and other PC-related topics in our forums.


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    It is this review that convinced me to pick up one of these for my new build. It’s high-end but not bleeding edge. I needed a good solid PSU in the 500-600W range and my CM V550 is performing flawlessly. Thanks for this great review.

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