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Cooler Master Strike Force 19 Notebook Cooler

Posted October 26, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Let me tell you that there is nothing about the CM SF-19 cooler that reminds you of anything but going first class all the way. The CM SF-19 did a great job of cooling our test laptop and did so with a lot of flare. From the four USB 3.0 connections to the cable routing and the LED lighting options we found nothing to complain about. While all the extras are nice the main claim to fame for the CM SF-19 is its cooling ability. We were pleased to report that CM SF-19 did a great job of keeping the temps under control while stressing the system. The 7.5 degree of angle made for perfect ergonomic positioning of our keyboard and was truly comfortable while working with the laptop while it was on-board.

Set to retail for $80 USD, the SF-19 is very expensive for a laptop cooler. However, it is target at the enthusiast crowd, and will handle a serious portable gaming rig; it’s not intended for a cheap netbook, for example. If you’re spending, say, $2000 on a gaming laptop, then $80 isn’t terribly expensive to help keep the beast cool. But we certainly understand this isn’t for everyone.

The price will be a stumbling block for many, but if you are looking for a premium cooler for your laptop you will be hard pressed to find one of better quality with all the features to be found with the Cooler Master SF-19 Strike Force Cooler.

Cooler Master Strike Force 19 Notebook Cooler



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