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Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance

Posted September 15, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Cooler Master has really been on a winning streak of late with the Storm Series gaming lineup, and with the Sentinel’s release they are looking to continue that trend. We’ve seen the previous Storm products showcase some gorgeous aesthetics, full features, and excellent functionality for computer enthusiasts and gamers in particular. And the Sentinel, for the most part, succeeds in accomplishing that as well.

Aesthetics and features are where the Sentinel Advance probably excels beyond all competitors; it is a gorgeous mouse and has so many customizable features that a 24-page Owner’s Manual is needed to explain all of it. While some users may love that extensive list, however, some may find it rather complicated and requiring some time to learn it all. But once you spend some time, as all new mice require when becoming accustomed to them, you will find the customization is a beautiful thing. No longer will you fumble to change things, and switching settings and profiles on the fly in a split second will become second nature. The Sentinel is indeed the most advanced mouse I’ve ever seen or heard about, bar none.

There are a couple disappointing notes in this sea of technological advancement. From a comfort perspective, the Sentinel is lovely, but users with small hands will probably find it too long to easily reach all the buttons and nestle their hand into a natural position. Also, the thumb buttons and click-wheel are far too stiff as well, which can frustrate the diehard gamers out there. Lastly, for users who may do a great deal of very precise and detailed work (non-gamers), the laser sensor is located too far forward at the pivot point, and does not pick up all the finesse movements when performing very minute adjustments.

With a current MSRP $70 USD, the Sentinel Advance is priced in the mid-range of the gaming mouse segment, just below the most expensive premium mice, and putting it in for some stiff competition against a few popular products. However, the Sentinel offers far more extensive options and customization than all of them, and even more than all the premium mice that cost far more. For what you get, $70 is a very good value for your money in return. Clearly, Cooler Master is betting the Sentinel’s advanced capabilities are worth the little bit extra and that gamers will agree.

As for the HS-M Battle Pad SSK, it can be found for about $20 and that’s a pretty darn good price for a quality gaming surface. Cooler Master has done a fine job with what is essentially their first foray into the gaming mouse and gaming surface market, with a mouse and complementary mat that are superior than most established competitors.

If you’re a demanding gamer that wants a mouse that is sleek, responsive, and customizable in just about every conceivable manner, then the Sentinel Advance is worth a serious look. It’s not without a few detractions though, but it is a great mouse. And combined with the HS-M Battle Pad SSK gaming surface, you will be assured of a sexy, functional, and well-balanced combo to sharpen your gaming skills.



Cooler Master Sentinel Advance Mouse

HS-M Battle Pad SSK Gaming Surface

Our thanks go to Cooler Master for providing the Sentinel Advance and HS-M Battle Pad for this review.



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