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Cooler Master Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse

Posted August 4, 2010 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Cooler Master has really been on a winning streak of late with the Storm Series gaming lineup, and with the Inferno’s release they are looking to continue that trend. We’ve seen the previous Storm products to showcase some gorgeous aesthetics, full features, and excellent functionality for computer enthusiasts and gamers in particular. And the Inferno succeeds in accomplishing that as well.

Aesthetics and features are where the Inferno makes its mark but we must also look at what that costs in return. Set to cost about $60 USD, it is priced competitively for a gaming mouse, sitting squarely in the mix with other popular competitors. It comes with some very nice features such as the Storm Tactics button, a good number of buttons as well, great build quality, nice finish, and comfortable ergonomics. Cooler Master has also packaged an extensive and impressive software control panel for the Inferno as well, allowing further customizations that go beyond the simple but effective plug-and-play available with the onboard memory. The Inferno doesn’t bring any earth shattering innovations to the market, but it does bring some nice minor additions and executes them well in a solid package.

There are a couple points to note here though. From a comfort perspective, the Inferno is lovely and natural, but users with large hands will probably find it just slightly too small for their liking. Conversely, though, if you have thinner or smaller hands then you’ll probably love the Inferno. One size doesn’t really fit all in this instance unfortunately. And while the ergonomics are a distinct improvement upon the Sentinel, for example, the finger buttons are on the thin side and along with the click-wheel, they are just slightly a bit too stiff, though I’m sure that users can become acclimated after some daily use.

For what you get, $60 is a very good value for your money in return. Clearly, Cooler Master is betting the Inferno’s features and capabilities are worth the price tag and that gamers will agree. If you’re looking for a mouse that is sleek, comfortable, feature-rich, and won’t break the bank, then the Inferno is worth a very serious look. If you have bear-sized hands then it’s probably not for you, but for the rest of us normal folk, the Cooler Master Inferno is a very good gaming mouse at a very respectable price.

Cooler Master Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse



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