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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer

Posted April 13, 2011 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Cooler Master has been busy updating their chassis lineup of late, and we’ve had the opportunity to look at several of these new cases. Their Storm lineup is not only a great marketing move into a lucrative gamer market, but it’s also proved to be producing some very nice towers that showcase some great designs and features. Gone are the days where companies could install a couple LED fans and a windowed panel and call a "gamer" case, and it’s nice to see that people have wizened up to that.

The Storm Enforcer does not disappoint in that regard, with a sharp look that strikes a great balance between sleek simplicity and aggressive undertones. It is an aesthetic that certainly has gamer appeal, but the feature set and looks will likely appeal to a wider audience, since a good case is a good case, whether it’s marketed to gamers or not. This bodes well for Cooler Master, but also for consumers looking for greater flexibility and quality in a well-rounded mid-tower setup.

Functionally speaking, the Enforcer has a tidy and well-organized interior that shows attention has been paid to the details that make a difference. The feature set here is innovative outstanding, which is often a rarity in mid-tower case design, offering some flexible cooling options, and versatility of control with the system setup and operation. Clearly, this case is not targeted to the modders in the crowd; it is squarely set on the gamer market, and in that sense the Enforcer is a very well-designed and solid case.

With an approximate price tag of $90 USD, the Storm Enforcer will sit in a mid-level market segment that features a few popular competitors that also target gamers, though the Enforcer will be in a much better price, in some instances by $30. When the price is factored in, it is an excellent deal. Showcasing a great combination of sharp aesthetics, extensive features, and outstanding quality, the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer is an great choice for a mid-tower case.

Cooler Master Storm Enforcer



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