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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer

Posted April 13, 2011 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Interior Look

Take a look at the all black interior. Very nice. More new features for the Storm Enforcer are found here starting with the 2.5” drive bracket you see sitting in the middle of the floor panel. This bracket is pre-drilled with holes which will allow us to mount a liquid cooling pump; first time I have seen this in a case.

The interior supports up to twelve 3.5” and/or 2.5” devices. The upper portion of the hard drive cage is removable and 90 degree rotatable. Several options become available when the hard drive cage is detached. The 2.5” hard drive cage can be relocated to the top of the fixed 3.5” hard drive cage on the bottom. The newly freed up space allows long graphics cards such as the ATI HD5970 and NVIDIA GTX 590 to fit with no problem.

Taking a look at the right side of the Storm Enforcer you see the large enough CPU mounting hole. The back side of the motherboard panel is equipped with numerous tabs where we can cable tie our wiring.

Do we have room for cable management? Not a lot, but more than I have seen in a good deal of cases lately

A feature we are happy to see continued is the tool-free design of the Cooler Master Rocker style 5.25” drive locks. Simply push the rocker right, slide the drive in, push the rocker left and you are done. A simple design that is totally effective. Just below the optical drive bays you see the 3.5” bays and to the left the 2.5” drive bay. Remember that you will have to remove the upper 3.5” cage in order to install those monstrous video cards.

Below is a close up view of the massive Red LED front intake fan. The opened front panel hides a removable dust filter; the Storm Enforcer keeps the intake accessible for easy cleaning.

Cooler Master has provided a rather large perforated area which will allow even the longest power supplies, though you will have to remove the 2.5” drive cage sitting on the bottom of the case.

Looking at the expansion slots you see Cooler Master has outfitted them with screws which I for one prefer over any tool-free designs.

The Storm Enforcer comes with a 120mm rear exhaust fan while the top 200mm fan is optional. Here you have a better image of where and how smaller fans or that water cooling radiator could mount at the Storm Enforcer’s top panel.

Managing dust is easy to achieve with the Storm Enforcer, using micromesh filters located on the top exhaust fan outlets as well as the front intake fan and 200mm side fan and the bottom floor the Storm Enforcer is more resistant to dust buildup.

Let’s install some components next.

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