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Cooler Master Notepal X3

Posted March 25, 2012 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The NotePal X3 by Cooler Master is rugged and built to last. It comes with great cable routing options, switchable blue LED lighting, USB 2.0 in and out, and adjustable fan speeds on a massive 200mm fan that runs extremely quiet even at top speed. It will also support heavy gaming laptops, and is extremely lightweight. The cool breeze across your hands and wrists is a bit of a bonus feature, though not sure if that was intentional or not by Cooler Master.

The X3 managed to lower the temperatures about 6C on average for internal CPU temperature. That’s a very good result from what we’ve seen in our extensive testing of laptop coolers. In fact, it’s almost the best result we’ve seen to date. Of course, the price you pay is the added bulk, but that goes without saying if you’ll be using a notebook cooler.

For about $40, the NotePal X3 is reasonably priced against the competition. It operates as a bit of a mini hub, in addition to a cooler, comes with silent fan operation, handy but basic features, and performs very well. If you’re in the market for a notebook cooler, this Cooler Master NotePal X3 is a compelling option.

Cooler Master Notepal X3



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