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Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus Laptop Cooler

Posted July 3, 2013 by Will in Cooling







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Release Date: Black currently available, Silver ETA August 2013 and Titanium ETA fall 2013.
Price at time of Review: $29.99 at Amazon for the black version.


Great looks, lightweight, unique features, customizable fan positions, pass-through USB plug, quiet operation, doubles as a carrying case.


Stand always rests at the same angle and depending on your seating arrangements may not be the best or most comfortable.
If you're looking for a sleek laptop stand/cooler that's quiet and full of features definitely check out the Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus.
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by Will
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A Closer Look

Cooler Master has included a rubber base pad as well as rubber wraps on each upper leg. These serve three functions. First they support the laptop off the aluminum tray. Secondly they keep the laptop from sliding off of the cooler, and third, they help dampen any vibrations between the cooler and the surface it’s sitting on.

Looking at the cooler from the side you can clearly see the angle of the main tray. The aluminum is bent all the way around and wrapped in rubber for a simple one-piece unit.

Looking closer at the back side of the cooler you’ll notice that Cooler Master has included a pair of tabs so you can wrap your excess USB cords around it and keep everything neat.

The accessory box contains the pair of fans, a bungee strap and a user’s manual.

The topside of each of the fans is covered with a steel mesh to keep anything from interfering with the fan blades.

The back side of the fan housing contains the necessary mounting posts.

The top side clips have a spring-loaded button. You push this button in and it moves the clips inwards so you can attach and detach the fan from the stand.

Each of the mounting clips has a hook shape to it. This is what holds the fan to the base.

With the fan removed from its housing we can get a better look at it. It’s a simple 2-wire 11-blade 5VDC fan that’s rated at ~2000RPM. They’re rated for 0.36A, 1.8W, and 21dBA for the pair and each pushes out 31CFM.

The back side of both fans lists them rated for 0.25A, so that makes me think the pair would be rated for 0.5A, not 0.36A.

The USB connector for the fans is a nice male/female style so you don’t lose one of your laptop’s USB ports to the fans. Just remember not to plug anything too power-hungry in with the fans or you may exceed the USB port’s maximum current rating.

Let’s take a quick look at setting up the NotePal U2 Plus for use.

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