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Cooler Master NotePal I-100 and NotePal ERGO 360

Posted November 28, 2012 by Vinny Petronio in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: NotePal I-100 $19.99 US NotePal ERGO 360 $34.99 US


NotePal I-100 - Price, thin, light weight, well built., color choices, 140 mm silent fan. NotePal ERGO 360 - Price, build quality, versatility, ergonomics, multi-functional design. two 80 mm fans


If you’re in the market for a laptop cooler that’s built well is light weight, and is simple to use then you should strongly consider Cooler Master’s NotePal I-100. I would also highly recommend the Cooler Master ERGO 360, which should be on everyone’s short list.
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by Vinny Petronio
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Testing & Performance Continued:

Cooler Master NotePal ERGO 360

Here we will be performing the same tests again, only this time with the Cooler Master ERGO 360.
Our second test machine is a Dell INSPIRON 17” laptop, Core i5-2410M (Sandy Bridge)CPU @ 2.30GHz with 4 .00 GB ram, and our operating system is Windows 7 64 bit home premium. Here we used it with the Cooler Master ERGO 360 laptop cooler.


Cooler Master NotePal ERGO 360
First we let our laptop at Idle 0% load on our processor for 30 minutes without the NotePal ERGO 360 cooler. As you can see we have a low of 55c and a high of 66c.


Now we run the same exact tests, again with no load letting it idle for 30 minutes except now will be placing the laptop on top of the NotePal ERGO 360 to see what we can achieve. Running at idle with no CPU load we see a huge drop in the overall temps, originally we started off with a low of 55c and high of 66c. After 30 minutes at idle with the cooler underneath gives us a 39c temps on the low side, and 58c on the high side. This is roughly an 8c difference giving us a really exceptional drop in temps.


Now we will push our Laptop to 100% load with LinX for seven minutes. This really heated things up under a heavy load with no cooler. We have a low of 43c and a high of 56c. This is really not bad for a laptop pushed this hard with no cooler.



Now will test again with the Cooler Master NotePal ERGO 360. As you can plainly see our lows are exceptional at 39c and 36c. Despite the heavy load and the extreme conditions we still stay within limits with a reading of 55c and 50c.



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