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Cooler Master GX II 650W

Posted December 12, 2013 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $80


Brash "gamer" design; Solid performance; Affordable price; Good warranty; 80PLUS Bronze certified; USB power cord


Not modular; Fan noisy at load
Very capable value-oriented power supply that nicely gets the job done for anyone who needs an affordable, no-nonsense unit.
by Jake
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The Cooler Master GX II 650W has a few things going for it right off the bat. The aesthetics aren’t terribly conservative but the matte black finish and brash lettering may suit some preferences. There is also ample power available for most mid-range gaming rigs, even those running CrossFire or SLI, provided they’re not behemoth graphics cards.

From a feature standpoint, the unit is 80PLUS Bronze certified, which is respectable for a unit in the 650W range at this price point. The GX II 650W isn’t modular, though that shouldn’t be a surprise for this affordable segment. The varying cable lengths are sufficiently long for mid-tower cases, but don’t expect an easy time if you have a full tower.

In terms of performance, the GX II 650W finished quite well, with some movement on the rails during voltage regulation testing, though the ripple results were very good, and certainly for a budget-oriented unit. The internal components are budget choices, but capable of providing stable power under load.

The only real detractions here firstly the lack of modular design, though that isn’t surprising given the price. Second, the fan is a bit noisy at load, though it does keep the unit sufficiently cool. It’s fine at lower loads, and your CPU or GPU fan will easily overpower the noise levels here, so it’s fine for a gaming rig but not very well suited as an HTPC power supply unless you have lots of ambient noise in the room. Lack of sleeving on the USB cable isn’t really problematic, and while it’s a unique feature it’s not a top selling point for this unit.

There’s nothing earth shattering here in terms of innovative technology or otherworldly performance, but the Cooler Master GX II 650W is a very capable value-oriented power supply that nicely gets the job done for anyone who needs an affordable, no-nonsense unit.

Cooler Master GX II 650W



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