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Cooler Master Glacer 240L AIO

Posted December 27, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in Cooling


Release Date: NOW
Price at time of Review: $139


cost, ease of installation, cooling ability and expandability


retention rings, fan noise at max rpms
Good middle ground between lower temperatures of custom water cooling and the ease of use of a closed loop cooler. The Glacer 240L offers lowers temps than air coolers without the maintenance of a custom liquid solution.
by Sandy Bruce
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Cooler Master did not leave anything to guess with the packaging. “Glacer” is written in a large frosty white font multiple times. If there was still any doubt on what may be in the box, there is a Glacer 240L cast in shadows on the top of the box.



The charts on the side of the box represent the Speed vs. Flow rate and Speed vs. Head pressure of the pump only. These are two important factors for choosing any water cooling solutions. Flow rate is simply how much liquid the pump can move in a given amount of time if there are no restrictions. Head pressure is how much force is behind the liquid, again without restrictions. The chart on the left basically says as the pump spins faster the flow rate and head pressure increases. The chart on the left depicts the flow rate in Liters per Hour (LPH) of the system as a whole.


Located on the back side of the box is a wire diagram of the radiator portion of the Glacer 240L. The diagram lists all of the dimensions, locations of the fill port and a few other key features and complete specs which we will go over later.

The Glacer comes in preformed cardboard packaging. It fits around the Glacer tightly so there is no shifting that could cause damage during transit.

The box contains all of the mounting hardware you will need to get up and running. There is an Intel back plate for LGA 1366, 775, 1150, 1155, 1156 and 2011. AMD users will use the back plate that was supplied with your board along with the AMD brackets and screws. CM also included spring loaded mounting screws for LGA 2011 installations. There are 8 mounting screws for the radiator, a tube of CM branded thermal paste and of course an installation manual.



Once you pull the Glacer from the box you really get to see how large of a cooling solution it is. The full size radiator is covered in bubble wrap to protect the cooling fins. The large CPU/Block is joined to the radiator by smooth onyx flexible tubing. It is now time to get into the details of the Glacer 240L.

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    Bob McRae

    Reviewer probably did not attempt to install the cooler on an AMD mobo. The Intel top bracket is supplemented by a very nice bracket, but the back plate provided for the Intel mobo is absent for the AMD mobo. The bracket on top of the mobo is removed, leaving 4 empty holes in the mobo, and there is nothing to fill them like there is with the Intel back plate.

    No support appears to be available from CoolerMaster’s phone support or chat (I will update if there is any response to a chat).

    Anyone had the same problem?

      Sandy Bruce

      Hey Bob, I am the reviewer you are speaking of. There was no need for me to attempt to instal it on an AMD board. AT the beginning of the review it states “The box contains all of the mounting hardware you will need to get up and running….. AMD users will use the back plate that was supplied with your board along with the AMD brackets and screws.”

      You dont remove the backplate on AMD boards. You use it to install the Glacer and almost every other AMD CPU cooler. This is why you have 4 empty spaces. Put it back on.

        Bob McRae

        Thanks for the quick response Sandy. I sent pix I to the Coolermaster support to show them the mobo had no back plate supplied with the board (Asrock 960GM/U3S3 FX). They were very patient once my chat was answered after 25 minutes. They chatted with me for an hour to determine a part was needed. They agreed to send the missing part, and will post the way to get the right part on this blog. Excellent support, but be very, very patient.

          Sandy Bruce

          No problem Bob. The problem you are having is actually an issue with the board maker. AMD boards come with a backplate. In your case that model does not come with one because it is a lower end board. The top mounts are held in with plastic pegs. Basically they did not think anyone would be using aftermarket cooling like the Glacer on a $50 board. You should have contacted Asrock for the back plate. Awesome of CM to take care of you but it wasnt their issue or an issue with their product.

          You should register and join us in the forums. A lot of smart, helpful people from around the world. Can learn a lot in the forums.

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