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Cooler Master GeminII S524

Posted August 16, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Cooler Master is one of the most recognized names in the computer industry for third party peripherals, from chassis on down the line to coolers. It wasn’t very long ago, in fact just two weeks ago, we looked at the Hyper 612 PWM CPU cooler that performed very well.

Today we will be looking at another new release from Cooler Master, the GeminII S524 CPU cooler. Not nearly as massive as the Hyper 612 PWM nor of the same design, this cooler is more of a remodel of the original GeminII S, which featured a downward facing fan in a lower profile cooler designed to cool not only your CPU but your motherboard and memory as well.

Let’s jump into the review and see how the Coller Master Gemini II S524 fares.

Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry’s best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved. The three cornerstones of Cooler Master’s business philosophy are innovation, speed, and customer satisfaction. Together, these ensure that Cooler Master is the supplier that the companies around the world rely on to deliver the best thermal solutions.



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