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Cooler Master Cosmos SE

Posted October 23, 2013 by Will in Cases & PSU







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Release Date: 10/29/2013
Price at time of Review: $187.98 Shipped from NewEgg (Pre-Order)


Tons of storage and water cooling options, solid case handles and feet, great design.


Space between motherboard and drive area is pretty tight, pick between lots of storage or lots of water cooling, lower cover issues (*see review)
The Cosmos SE provides users with a high degree of capability for either storage or cooling performance but unfortunately one must be sacrificed for the other.
by Will
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Final Thoughts and Conclusion


The Cosmos SE is a storage KING! Up to eight 3.5″ AND ten 2.5″ drives or up to eighteen 2.5″ drives!


Water cooling support is awesome in the Cosmos SE. You can have a 120, 240/280 and a 360mm radiator all in at once. This comes with a price though as you lose most of your cavernous storage capabilities.


Space on the I/O side of the motherboard is pretty tight. If the case were an inch or so longer it would give much more interior room to work with for cable routing.


Finally! A case with a long enough audio cable to be used properly! It’s a shame they still kept that AC’97 connector on there though, but that’s nothing a couple clips with the snips won’t take care of.


This still boggles my mind – the lower bay cover blocks airflow to the upper fan regardless of cooling setup. Cooler Master should have designed the front panel with only two bay covers and extended the intake mesh up to cover what is now the third bay cover or at least made the lower bay cover vented to allow airflow.


Being able to turn off the front intake fan LEDs is a neat feature but be careful you don’t accidentally reset your system instead.

So much to say about the new Cosmos SE. The pros – TONS of storage capacity and TONS of water cooling capacity – just not at the same time. A great server case it will make as long as it’s air cooled or cooled by an all-in-one liquid solution. However if you want to go all out with your liquid setup then be prepared to lose about 3/4 of your storage capacity. The lower bay cover on the Cosmos SE simply covers the upper intake fan. It seems kinda silly to me to have a solid bay cover here when it blocks airflow.

Overall the installation was pretty easy, but space was tight between the edge of the motherboard and the HDD cage panels. Also a standard ATX board covers half of the cable routing grommets in the motherboard tray making things here really tight. Making the case an inch or so longer overall would give more room here and alleviate some of that cramped working room. However, if you remove the HDD cage panels for water cooling then you can alternatively run cabling through this now open space rather than through the grommets – although that won’t look quite as nice aesthetically.

Overall though the Cosmos SE is a great case, especially for those looking to fit some serious cooling potential into a case that won’t take up your entire desk. The Cooler Master Cosmos SE will be available on October 29th at most major retailers for $169.99. It’s currently available for pre-order over at Newegg for $187.98 shipped with a 2-year warranty. Factoring all of the pros and cons of the Cosmos SE I still feel comfortable giving it our Great Hardware award.




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