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Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2 – Advance Chassis

Posted April 24, 2013 by Kenny in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $99.99 on Newegg.com


Great versatility and airflow with excellent expandability, very portable, aesthetically appealing


There are a few tight spaces in the case depending on your setup. A 240mm rad at the top might not work.
If you are looking for portability without having to sacrifice space, the Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2 Advance will fit the bill. It includes the ability to fit a full size ATX motherboard and full size graphics card without modifications. It is an enjoyable and easy to recommend case.
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by Kenny
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The revisions that Cooler Master made to the Scout 2 Advance are welcome. The additional fans (which are now included) and the improved filter system will help with ease of cleaning and improve the airflow of the chassis. This chassis will be great for both air-cooling or a water cooling AIO unit. The LED fans included on the front make the Ghost White case aesthetically pleasing, and the option to be able to turn off the LEDs when not needed is also a nice touch.

The easy to carry handle makes portability easy. This would definitely be a top of the list case if you are looking to build a system that you need to be more portable. Because the case is made of steel, it does add quite a few pounds once loaded up, but the weight even fully loaded is not unbearable.

The options of being able to add full length cards and the ability to add up to 9x120mm fans is something hard to find in a mid-tower chassis. The extra space for hard drives is also a nice touch. If you are looking to store media drives, this will allow for plenty of space. If you are looking to add custom water cooling, this case may not fit the need with the limited space. However we can see some great potential with modder’s adding custom water cooling. One item we would like to note is the vast improvement with the cable management on the Scout 2 Advance.

Overall, we thought Cooler Master’s Revisions to the Scout 2 Advance are excellent. The new Ghost White is a great option especially with the popularity of white hardware on the rise. The Scout 2 Advance is also available in black if you are not a fan of the white chassis.


Our overall experience and impression of this chassis add up to a PureOC Great Hardware award. We are looking forward to seeing what PC modders/builders can do with this chassis. The Storm Scout 2 Advance is available on Newegg.com for $109.99 in both Ghost White and Black.

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout II Advance – Ghost White







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