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Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse

Posted December 13, 2013 by Mike in Peripherals







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $79.99


Premium fit and finish, aluminum accents, customizable, intuitive and comprehensive GUI, class-leading componentry


Designed specifically for palm style grip, no direct mention of GUI being needed or where to get it
So long as you use a palm grip, the CM Storm Reaper is one of the nicest gaming mice out there.
by Mike
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Final Thoughts

After getting our hands on the mouse to finally use it, the CM Storm Reaper was an absolute joy. The mouse was a bit heavier than we were expecting, but it moved on the pad with the precision and poise of a professional figure skater. At all DPI settings the mouse exhibited smooth, precise action. Button clicks for the thumb buttons were relatively easy to perform; however, the left and right click were a tad tight to start off. This lessened over the course of a day or so to a much more acceptable level of tension, making the Omron switches as responsive as they should be. The Avago 9800 sensor is exceptionally accurate in all movements, making it extraordinarily easy to draw all manner of lines by hand; this is especially useful in instances where exacting levels of precision are necessary to “pwn” whatever “nub” you have your cross hairs on. Liftoff distance was remarkably short, minimizing the amount of unwanted movement during an instance in which you would need to lift the mouse off the pad a bit.

The aluminum palm plate certainly did exactly what it promised: extract heat from your palm while gaming. The combination of this palm plate, the cool aluminum scroll wheel and the soft touch plastics made for a very comfortable user experience with very little re-positioning of my hand required. The lighting effects during gaming wound up being nicer than anticipated. When we set the lighting configuration to Rapid Fire mode, the blinking of the lights was just noticeable enough out of our peripheral vision that we could comfortably confirm the mouse button had been hit correctly, regardless of how lightly you tapped it. This form of visual-based training could actually be used to refine your clicking style to the point of actively increasing your actions-per-minute unless you have an aversion to blinking lights. Thankfully for the GUI, the lights can even be turned off entirely if you so wish.



Possibly the only thing we took any issue with was the lack of actual mention of the GUI software for this mouse. A novice user picking this up from their local retailer just because it looks cool might not know to look on the CM Storm website for the download link and therefore be disappointed with a product that wasn’t broken or mis-packed: it just didn’t tell you what you needed to know. Also of note was the ergonomics of the mouse: the CM Storm Reaper is clearly designed for palm-style grips, as when we attempted semi-claw or claw-type grips the mouse became much less comfortable and easy-to-use. If you are not a palm-style gamer you might want to set this one a bit further down your list of considerations. Another thing to consider is that this mouse is a bit on the heavy side as mice go, so if you prefer a lighter mouse for your play style then this will likely feel like moving around a boulder with just one hand.

Apart from that there is literally nothing to dislike here. The Reaper is most certainly a product to fear: in the hands of the enemy, it means your certain destruction. In your hands, it represents ultimate gaming power, deserving of nothing less here than the Editor’s Choice award.


Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper SGM-6002-KLLW1

A big thanks to Cooler Master for sending us the CM Storm Reaper for review, and as always feel free to discuss this and other PC related topics in our forums.


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    I love that metal finish. That’s why I love RATs, because of metal parts. This CM looks also very premium.

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