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Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 500 Headset Review

Posted February 13, 2014 by Kenny in PC Audio


Manufacturer: ,
Price at time of Review: $59.99 on Amazon


Great aesthetics and adjustability, Easy for PC use and good sound clarity.


PC installation a bit cumbersome because of longer cable, slightly limited mic adjustability, slightly weaker bass
The Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 500 is a solid, if unremarkable headset that might just fit the bill if you need it's specific features and functions.
by Kenny
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We found that the white and black scheme matched up well. While this can be subjective, we liked this very much. The white aesthetics are just sexy in our eyes. Adjustability of the headset was easy, but we did nit-pick a little about the headband adjustment being made of plastic rather than metal. The CM Logo imprinted on the inside of the ear piece was also a nice touch from Cooler Master.

In terms of comfort, we didn’t find anything negative to say. In fact, we were quite impressed with how comfortable it was once we found the sweet spot. One suggestion we can make is to play around with and find the right fit and feel. The padded head band and foam ear cups were soft but not too soft. It was just the right amount of pressure needed to hold it in place.

For its audio, we were impressed with the sound quality in both gaming and media playing. While we did feel it was a bit lacking in the lower bass frequencies, it didn’t take away from the clarity we enjoyed from the 40mm drivers. The amplified drivers powered by the USB adds to the clarity. If you are an audiophile, it may be something to consider.

As for the compatibility, we found that for PC, it worked flawlessly and effortlessly. A simple USB plugged in and you are ready to go. However, using the Ceres 500 on a console took a little more work since you will need to have a compatible TV that has RCA outputs and the USB to be plugged into the console for the power it needs. The 3m (9ft) cable came in handy, but seems to be a little long for the average set up. However, this was designed to be used with multiple platforms, so it’s great to have the options available.


We found the headset on Amazon.com for $59.99 and we thought the price was fair for what you are getting. Overall, the device is clean and solid, but unremarkable. At this price point, and with everything discussed factored in, we award the Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 500 with a PureOverclock Good Hardware Award.



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