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Combo Review: AMD “Vishera” FX-8350 & ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z ROG

Posted October 23, 2012 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards







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Release Date: AMD FX-8350 set for launch on October 23, 2012
Price at time of Review: AMD FX-8350 Price for MSRP of: $195.00 while the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z can be found on newegg for $239.99


Great overclocking ability for both MB and Chip, Increased multi-threaded application performance for the Chip, Solid and robust features for the Motherboard, Great performance per value for both


Power Consumption & Heat threshold for the chip, no negatives for the MB
You can't go wrong with either of these products. AMD has stepped things up and created a great price-to-performance product. As usual, Asus did an amazing job with this new Motherboard. It's robust features and great performance make it a solid choice.
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by Kenny
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To wrap things up, today you have seen how AMD’s new FX-8350 code named “Vishera” has performed. With their new and improved Piledriver Architecture, we have seen some solid improvements in multi-threaded applications. It is also nice to see that AMD has decided to stick to its AM3+ socket. This is great news for those looking to make the upgrade, as this will help save on the cost of a new motherboard.

When we compared the FX-8350 to its rival, the Intel i5 3570k, we did see quite an improvement over its previous “Bulldozer” architecture in both performance and overclocking. Although AMD didn’t win in every category, they did win in quite a few of them. While the Intel i5 3570k still had a slight edge over the FX-8350 in some of the benchmarks, we feel that AMD has taken a step in the right direction with its instruction set. With “Piledriver” they are on track to bring something that is comparable to Intel’s line up. The overclockability of the FX-8350 was easy, and with the correct set-up you can have a beast of a system without having to spend a ton of money. While we are on the subject of cost…

We see AMD has plans to launch the new FX-8350 for $195, which is $35 cheaper then the Intel i5 3570k. AMD really has stepped up the bar when it comes to their performance per value moto that they are known for. AMD also has plans to release other models of the new “Piledriver” FX series processors such as the FX-8320 (8 core chip) for $169, FX-6300 (6 core chip) for $132, and the FX-4300 (4 core chip) for $122. With cost-per-performance in mind we think AMD may be on to something great here.

While AMD has moved up the performance ladder here and improved its architecture and its instruction set, one item to note is that they have yet to release a new chipset. AMD is still using its 9 series chipset, which we feel is a little outdated. During this time, Intel has taken a leap in this area, allowing them to expand their capabilities and advance a little further ahead in regards to chipset performance. We are not saying that the 990FX chipset isn’t capable; however, some improvements in this channel may help bring additional performance to the table, and help AMD become even more competitive with Intel.

Since we are on the subject of chipsets, it was nice to see that Asus had also made some improvements to its Crosshair V Formula-Z for its 990FX chipset. Our impressions of ASUS motherboards are always great, and it always nice to see that Asus keeps that consistency going. The Formula-Z motherboard made overclocking the FX-8350 very easy. The new Digi+II improvements on its board really made power stability easy to understand and setup. The on the fly adjustments in ASUS’ AI Suite software really came together nicely. ASUS never ceases to impress us with its products and it’s no different here with the Crosshair V Formula-Z, which easily earns our Editor’s Choice award. The ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z can be found on Newegg for $239.99 which is a great value for a top product.

To conclude today’s topic, we feel that AMD is really starting to take a step in the right direction with its new architecture, and we hope to see AMD continue this trend. With today’s weakened economy, it’s nice to see a great performance per value product available, and because of that we gladly award the AMD FX-8350 “Vishera” our Editor’s Choice award. AMD prices this chip fairly, and the performance margins are greatly improved over the previous Bulldozer release.

AMD FX-8350 “Vishera” & ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z



    chris trak

    Thanx for your review and efforts…………looks like I need to buy this one…for sure.


    why did you not add the Passmark All CPU test of those CPUs ?


      If you take a closer look at our chart we have include the CPU benchmark, its below the overall score.


        Pros: All solid capsVery stiff PCB for a 4-layer design.Flawless Build Quality. (I’m not easy to imresps )Removable BIOS ROM chip (8-pin dip)Anti-surge function works well (oops!)SATA and Internal USB great placement.Well written/published manual.Unlocked my previously unlockable sempronEZFlash Bios updater allows browsing the HDD for rom files!!!Very,very strong VGA port. (found out hard way don’t ask)Good website, support, and drivers. Cons: BIOS Setup a little awkward . Liked 890gxm-g65 bios most out of the uATX boards I’ve had.The Express gate software only supports downloading to usb drives (all internal drives are read-only.)There is a VIA chip on my motherboard!!!!!(Sounds OK though. Drivers rate 5 of 10 with me)Tweaking software sucks. It works but looks like a beta version. Other Thoughts: Got this open box and it was only missing the cd. ASUS Refurbished tape sealed the box. Thanks for the $28 saved Newegg!Seriously, every component is placed and aligned PERFECTLY.Awesome job ASUStek.Oh, to clear up the pronunciation a little, named after PegASUS. Stop saying ASEUS!

      James Baranski (Drdeath)

      Everyone has their personal favorite benchmarks. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone. If we did every benchmark, the review would be too long.


    Were the BF3 and COD3 benchmarks run during a multiplayer gaming session or single player? The results would indicate they were run in multiplayer, right?



    overclocking in BIOS is to complicated for me and i tried using AMD ovevrdire but it doesnt work with my amd phenom 8600 x3 2.30ghz. so i guess ill just have to splash some cash one day on and intel i7 as i prefer intel to amd


    Dont compare amd fx vs i7, they both have different price, just compare it with i5 instead


    Thanks for the review…was leaning towards another chip but this is selling me man…I think I may try it out for my next rig…



    I also reviewed this motherboard and it’s really a kick ass motherboard for AMD FX-based system. A must have for AMD lovers.

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