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ColdTears Electronics GOverlay LCD Display Review

Posted November 29, 2013 by Kenny in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: $31.99 on eBay


Intuitive design for Data statistics, Small Footprint,


Multiple Applications Required to run Data Sensors
If you are a statistics junkie and looking for data at a glance, ColdTears Electronics GOverlay will feed your needs.
by Kenny
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To test the unit we first loaded all the drivers that are needed; this was the easy part. When we plugged the USB cable into the device we got a message that we have to run GOverlay.

Once we loaded the software, we got the default displays. Since we had not installed the other needed software, the sensors didn’t pick up their data just yet. After a quick setup with all the 3rd party software that is required, we were up and running in no time.

Before we completed our set-up, we had to do a simple update to make sure we had the most current software to get correct readings.

Soon after, we loaded AIDA64, OpenHardwareMonitor, and RivaTuner which allowed us to customize the settings we wanted to be viewed. Here we had selected first to read out GPU temps, load and fan speed readings. We were still settings up the CPU side. We also set the display to read HD read and write as well as Latency and Internet protocols for up and down traffic.

Here is what our final results show. We were quite impressed with how easy it was to completely customize the settings. While it was easy to set up, we did take a few moments to go over all the sensor settings and what data is available at our fingertips before we started to play around with it. One item to note here is the since we used water cooling on our test bench, the fan speeds were set at default and didn’t move much.

We loaded up a game and changed the display to show FPS on one side and GPU temps and load on the other. As you can see, the LCD only tops out at 99 FPS, but we were getting 120+ frames. So while this is great for those playing games that don’t exceed 99 frames, for those that do you will only see 99 as the max.

To give you a example of the LCD in action, we did a short clip which is uploaded to YouTube for viewing. This will give you a idea of how the readouts are done. Now remember, the data is only as accurate as the software that is used to read the data output. So while the margin of error is minimal, you may encounter more than is typical if you do not keep your software up to date. For the video, we were running 3DMark’s Fire Strike benchmark to show the diversity of the load in both CPU and GPU settings.

Now that we have seen the ColdTears Electronics GOverlay in action, let’s move forward and sum things up.


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    rivatuner statistics… but this is nice. bu riva is free, its on yuor screen though.

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