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CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee and Control-RX Gaming Surface

Posted May 15, 2013 by Will in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: $17.00 for the Skorpion and $29.99 for the Control-RX.


Skorpion: Inexpensive and it works! Control-RX: Great feel and great performance!


For the Skorpion Bungee: we had no issues. For the Control-RX: It's VERY large so take that into consideration before purchasing.

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by Will
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After using the CM Storm Control-RX gaming surface, the Skorpion bungee and the Recon mouse together for a couple weeks now I can honestly say it’s an excellent combination. The mouse pad is thick and smooth and feels great. The only downside to the Control-RX is it’s size. It’s BIG. My desk has a pull-out keyboard tray so I don’t have a ton of real estate to work with. I ended up having to perch my keyboard halfway on the pad but that’s fine. It doesn’t feel any different when typing or gaming.



The Skorpion bungee does a great job at keeping the mouse cord from hanging up on the edge of my desk. The bungee is heavy enough that it doesn’t slide around on you and the rubbery feet help keep it planted. The design of the Skorpion is very unique as well. CM Storm decided to give it an edgy gamer styling and it looks great.


The CM Storm Skorpion can be found over at Amazon.com for just $17.00 with free shipping and carries a 2-year warranty. For that price it’s a no-brainer to solve your cord-catching problems and for this particular niche product we give it our Pure Overclock’s Editor’s Choice Award.


The Control-RX is one heck of a mouse pad to say the least. It’s HUGE, it’s thick, it’s comfortable and it works great. The polyurethane coating on the base kept it always firmly planted to my desk. It never once felt like it wanted to slide around like most mouse pads do. The micro-weave of the Lycra top worked well with the Recon mouse’s lowest DPI setting. The combo proved to be lethal for some long-distance head shots in Battlefield 3. The CM Storm Control-RX will set you back $29.99 from Amazon.com with free shipping. The Control-RX gets our PureOverclock’s Great Hardware Award for being one of the most beastly gaming surfaces I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It it were just a bit smaller it would have garnered our Editor’s Choice award.





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