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CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee and Control-RX Gaming Surface

Posted May 15, 2013 by Will in Peripherals







Total Score


Price at time of Review: $17.00 for the Skorpion and $29.99 for the Control-RX.


Skorpion: Inexpensive and it works! Control-RX: Great feel and great performance!


For the Skorpion Bungee: we had no issues. For the Control-RX: It's VERY large so take that into consideration before purchasing.

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by Will
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Packaging, Unboxing and a Closer Look – Control-RX


The Control-RX gaming surface comes packaged in a (LARGE) full-color envelope-style cardboard box. The front shows an image of the pad as well as lists a few features and has a neat hole so you can feel the surface of the pad.


The backside of the package lists all of the features and specifications for the Control-RX as well as a product image and some graphics.


Now you can see why I said it was an envelope-style box. The top lid lifts open, then the bottom and finally the sides. You’re greeted by a nice piece of black cardboard that helps stiffen the box for storage and transit.


Once the cardboard is out of the way you’ll see the backside of the pad. CM Storm puts a nice protective film on the backside of the pad to keep it from sticking to the box (it’s ever so slightly tacky).


The protective film peels right off leaving a clean, ready-to-use gaming surface.


The polyurethane coating on the bottom of the pad is glossy and slightly tacky. This is what keeps the Control-RX planted during those intense gaming sessions.


The topside of the Control-RX is a smooth, tight-weave Lycra. It feels just like a wet suit but a little smoother. There’s the CM Storm logo at the top center and the Control-RX logo off to the bottom right. The edges of the surface are rounded-off and are designed to be fray-free according to CM Storm. The pad is 5mm thick and has a nice heavy, solid feel to it.


Here’s a close-up shot of the tight Lycra weave. It’s a very fine, very tight weave. According to CM Storm this is to help with your ultra-low DPI settings.


The Control-RX pairs perfectly with the Skorpion and the Recon.

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