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CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee and Control-RX Gaming Surface

Posted May 15, 2013 by Will in Peripherals







Total Score


Price at time of Review: $17.00 for the Skorpion and $29.99 for the Control-RX.


Skorpion: Inexpensive and it works! Control-RX: Great feel and great performance!


For the Skorpion Bungee: we had no issues. For the Control-RX: It's VERY large so take that into consideration before purchasing.

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by Will
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Packaging, Unboxing and a Closer Look – Skorpion


The Skorpion comes packaged in an attractive retail box. It is full-color and has a nice clear window on 2 panels to see it.


The back of the box lists the features in eight different languages.


The left side shows an image of the bungee and lists some details.


And the right side lists the features and shows a few detail shots of the Skorpion.


The Skorpion slides out of the box on its own little clear plastic tray. Once free you have what we see in the image above. It’s a cute little guy – kinda heavy for its size but that’s a good thing. The legs are made of plastic while the tail is a hard rubber compound. The center body is a plastic shell that surrounds an iron core to give the Skorpion extra weight and stability.


The Skorpion can be fully dissected for easy transport.


The base of the Skorpion shows the CM Storm logo, the Skorpion logo and a CE certification as well a symbol telling you not to throw it away.


To use the Skorpion you simply run your mouse cable through the slots in the tail, pull out your desired amount of slack and that’s it.


The flexible tail on the Skorpion allows it to move with your mouse cable. The iron core helps keep the Skorpion from skittering across your desk as well.


The Skorpion works well with the Recon mouse we reviewed recently. Pair those two with the Control-RX gaming surface (we’ll discuss that next) and you’ve got a killer gaming combo.

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