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CM Storm Ceres 300

Posted December 3, 2013 by Joe Kershner in PC Audio







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Great sound, mic quality, comfort, detachable microphone, affordable price


Quality may be overlooked due to cheap price, no media controls.
If you're on a low budget and wanting a great quality headset for cheap, then you should get the CM Storm Ceres 300. Their comfort and sound quality are excellent for the price.
by Joe Kershner
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Ultimately, I loved the CM Storm Ceres 300 headset. The pure comfort level alone would make me buy these. That’s not to say it’s the only thing I liked about them, they also look very cool. The all black finish highlighted by the white around the ear cups make this headset really stand out. Having a detachable microphone that is so easy to remove earned major points for me as well.

Using the Ceres 300 for your everyday music enjoyment, watching YouTube videos or watching a movie can easily be done thanks to the detachable microphone, making the headset practical for everyday use as well as gaming. As far as the volume is concerned: While wearing the headset with the volume maxed out sounds weren’t overwhelming, nor did it hurt your hearing with it’s more reasonable peak volume level. However, at the same peak volume and while sitting them on the desk it was still easy to hear with the same crisp sound.


The only thing that I can really say that is negative (and is outright nit-picking) is it doesn’t come with a travel bag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely easy and comfortable to have them around your neck but I think the bag would help protect them against weather while out and not being used. For the most part you can’t ask for much more in a headset. I know I rarely say this but the price really surprised me; based on the build quality and solid reproduction of music and other sounds, I honestly thought it was under-priced at $29.99 with a 2 year warranty. When you take all of this into account we have a real winner. We proudly present the CM Storm Ceres 300 with PureOverclock’s Editors Choice Award.




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