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Casecom Halcones CL-86 ATX Full Tower Review

Posted February 10, 2014 by Mike in Cases & PSU


Release Date: currently available
Price at time of Review: $149.98 @ outletpc.com


Excellent interior layout, durable construction, easy-to-use and ample feature set, tons of cable routing room, accommodations for XL-ATX boards, quiet stock fans with flexible fan options, ample dust filtering, extremely competitive pricing, great motherboard tray layout for ultra clean builds


Stock 140mm fan not particularly strong, some small quality control issues, hard to find
For a full featured full tower without the full price, the Casecom Halcones CL-86 ticks all the right boxes to provide exceptional value that is hard to find.
by Mike
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Usually when shopping for an ATX full tower, you look for the big names in the industry. The reasons for this are pretty apparent: reputation, reliability, service after the sale, build quality, feature set, and the list goes on; but what if we told you that you don’t always have to go after the big name and spend excessive amount of cash to have your cake and eat it, too? Casecom is here to show you that their newest ATX full tower, the Halcones CL-86, brings a lot to the table and asks for very little in return.


Measuring out at 23″ tall, 22″ deep and roughly 9″ wide, it certainly seems to fit the size requirement. The question is this: does everything else add up to a rewarding and clean building experience? Let’s jump in and find out.

First, a few of the vitals on Casecom from their main page:


From the looks of things this is a company that has been around for a while, though they don’t seem to be quite as popular in the States as they are in Europe. Their state-side distribution seems to be handled in part through Syba USA, which already provides a diverse portfolio of products:


At SYBA, we want to Suit Your Business Anticipation. Founded in 2001, we specialize in the design and manufacturing PC parts that solves your connectivity needs. Since its inception, we have been servicing IT industry with 3 simple principles “superior product quality, competitive yet affordable pricing, and outstanding customer service”.

Through the years, SYBA is constantly involving in almost every conceivable category of information technology, including PC components and peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones. In the rapidly changing information technology, we strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced technologies. Our attitudes toward research, production, marketing, sales, administration and people make us what we are today.

With the tremendous support from loyal customers and strategic partners all over the world, we have certainly become a vital link in the supply chain of leading-edge technology.



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