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Bloody B975 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted April 6, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $149.99


Excellent Gaming Response, Water Resistant, Great RGB Lighting, Solid Quality


I would highly recommend the B975 for any online competitive gamer. The difference is small, but it won't feel small during a close match. Bloody's optical switches aren't as beneficial for other types of keyboard users, but don't ignore that awesome water resistant feature.
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by Josh Jackson
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Field Test

Does this keyboard actually feel like it has a competitive edge? On an average gaming level, I wouldn’t say I notice 30 milliseconds. Unless I can afford the proper equipment to put official numbers on a key press, I can’t prove the claims Bloody makes. On the other hand, I do spend most of my gaming time playing competitive games. I’m not sure why, since they can be frustrating, but I’ve held on to a platinum ranking in Battlerite for 3 seasons. I don’t have the time to be a genuine pro, but I can feel some minute differences.

After playing enough Battlerite to get a feel for the optical board, key presses felt consistently accurate. When comparing attacks side by side with a mechanical keyboard, space bar was a great key to sense the feel. I wanted to jump, but the mechanical keyboard felt like it had to think about the request at certain moments. There was an occasional disconnect between the action pressed and action represented. Part of this may also be that the space bar on the Bloody B975 Light Strike is reinforced well, so the key press from any position on it feels the same. That said, I felt an ever so slight advantage from the optical switches. It’s not something I bet my life on, but there were moments in competitive play where I felt like I had a better advantage than I did before using the optical keyboard. I know it’s not hard hitting scientific proof, but I can say I won’t go back to a mechanical switch if I don’t have to (and I don’t).

As always, I like to mention typing as well. I don’t see any advantage to the feel of optical switches in casual gaming or work tasks. The linear switch is not my favorite when typing out a review, but great for gaming. The optical advantage didn’t carry any weight in my typing experience. Even the consistency issues I noticed in Battlerite were unnoticeable for work. I wouldn’t recommend spending more for optical switches if typing is your main goal, but I would recommend thinking about the water resistance advantage. That’s worth quit a lot in just about any circumstance.

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