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BitFenix Hydra Pro Fan Controller

Posted October 31, 2012 by Vinny Petronio in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $36.99 US


Low Profile, 30 watts per channel, Softouch finish, Fan LED control, Priced right, Easy installation, solid build


short base, no tray, plastic slider/button
The Bitfenix Hydra Pro comes with an outstanding price, great performance, good build quality, and features the signature Bitfenix SofTouch finish. It would be an attractive addition to virtually any system, and its low profile will even fit in cases with doors.
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by Vinny Petronio
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When cooling our computers their are numerous different ways to go about it, to say the least. Some of us might install faster and bigger fans, while others could use water cooling. But, one of the easiest, most reliable and most cost effective solutions, is to simply control the speed and airflow from your fans strategically to the different parts of your case. You can do this with a fan controller.

Today we are looking at another new arrival from BitFenix, the BitFenix Hydra Pro. This is a fan controller designed for the cost-conscious consumer who is looking for a simple and cost effective fan controller to power high speed fans or even a water cooling pump. Read on to see if the BitFenix Hydra Pro can fill those needs.

The Hydra Pro combines a powerful fan controller with LED control. It has five thermal channels that deliver up to 30W of power each and are controlled with low-profile sliders. Its design helps make it compatible with a variety of cases, even those with doors. Also, when coupled with BitFenix’s Spectre and Spectre Pro LED fans, the user can control these fans with the two pin cable that comes with every Spectre and Spectre Pro LED fan. Once the Hydra pro is connected, users can even acitvate their fans’ LEDs with the push of a button. The Hydra Pro Features BitFenix’s SofTouch™ surface treatment on the outside, and makes an attractive add-on to virtually any system.

Our thanks go out to BitFenix for providing us with our review sample.

“ BitFenix is the result of the collaboration of several veterans in both the technology and gaming industries. From the same minds behind some of technology’s most venerable products, BitFenix creates hardware and peripherals that grant the user the utmost control, strength, and performance to complete their computing tasks. Combining a deep understanding of gaming and other high-demand computing applications with superior engineering and design know-how, the BitFenix Team is dedicated to creating the go-to computing products and peripherals for those who refuse to quit. For more information, check out http://www.bitfenix.com ”




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