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BitFenix Fury 650G Power Supply Review

Posted July 15, 2014 by Mike in Cases & PSU


Release Date: Currently Available
Price at time of Review: $159.99 @ Newegg ($8.99 shipping)


Eye-catching case design, excellent cable braiding on all cables out-of-the-box, plenty of connector choices, excellent cable length, excellent voltage regulation, fan is as silent as it gets, five year warranty


VGA cable outputs can limit cable reach for some systems, up-front price is somewhat prohibitive
It's hard to understate the value present here, even if the up-front cost is a bit high: The BitFenix Fury line brings professional system modding tot he masses and delivers rock stable performance.
by Mike
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Final Thoughts


We at Pure Overclock know that there’s a lot of enthusiasts out there who want that truly custom look in their machine, but simply can’t afford the cash or the time required to get it there. After having taken a look at this power supply, we feel that we can comfortably say your dreams have come true: BitFenix says “let them eat cake!” by providing consumers and enthusiasts alike with a top notch, efficient, and silent power supply that already has all the cable braiding done for you.

Since it has all black sleeving, this also means that you get pretty much universal visual compatibility with any system out there. One thing we would really like to see in the future is a fully modular variant of this power supply with the option to purchase different color cables direct from BitFenix and to get those cables in standard and shorter lengths, depending on system needs and spatial constraints. We can already imagine getting a fully modular BitFenix Fury with all yellow cables for an M-Power based build, or getting all white cables to go with a whiteout-style build using a white-painted Sabertooth with a Galaxy HOF card and Corsair Vengeance LP Low Voltage memory. Even without these flights of fancy, what we have for right now is awesome regardless!



Probably the only drawback to this package is the price: at 160 dollars for the 650W unit, you can purchase a power supply of up to 1000W in total power delivery from other manufacturers that have similarly good build quality… but lack the braided cables. Ultimately this is a purchase choice that is left up to you; however, we must stress that you are actually getting what you paid for in this case. When you consider that the price of a typical 650W 80 Plus Gold rated PSU is around 110 dollars, then factor in the cost of braided cable extensions, you ultimately wind up saving money on the deal here.

Of course if you wanted a color other than black, then the decision becomes a little bit easier… that is, until you realize that you could alter some of the sleeving to get some colored accents on the existing cables. Then the cogs start turning a bit more thinking of all the possibilities. Then you realize that this power supply includes a five year warranty, and suddenly the total package starts to look like an insanely good deal. For all of these reasons and more, we are happy to grant the BitFenix Fury 650G our PureOverclock Editor’s Choice award! The only “Fury” you should be experiencing is over not having this in your next build.

editors_whiteBitFenix Fury 650G 80 Plus Gold Power Supply 


Thank you BitFenix for supplying us with our review sample, and as always everyone please feel free to discuss this and other PC-related topics in our forums.




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