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Biostar HiFi Z97WE Motherboard Review

Posted August 1, 2014 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $124.99 on Newegg.com


Great performance to Value Ratio, M.2 SATA Support, Decent Overclocking Stability.


Subjective Aesthetics, Buggy BIOS and Software
The Biostar is a competitively priced motherboard that offers a Great Value with solid performance to dollar ratio.
by Kenny
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So to wrap things up, let’s go back to the aesthetics of the motherboard. While the gold, yellow and black didn’t really tickle our fancy, we still think that Biostar will find consumers that may like the combination. We all know that aesthetics and color choice can be completely subjective. Moving aside the color choices here, we did like the fact that Biostar did a great job in the layout of the ATX motherboard. The ports, slots and configuration made a lot of sense and we have kudos to Biostar in that arena.

When it comes to the software and BIOS side of the HiFi Z97WE Motherboard, we were a little disappointed in the amount of work we had to initially do to get the BIOS to work fully at its default settings. Even after flashing the BIOS to its new revision we still had some issues of our own and never quite worked itself out. So we hope that Biostar is working on further revisions to help those who may not understand the insides and outs of setting up a motherboard. For an average consumer that may not know all the details it can be very frustrating. Biostar did improve on a few sectors when it comes to Windows based applications and most of them worked out well; however, we still find some slight bugs within the TOverclocking software. At this time, if you don’t plan on overclocking we suggest that you may want to skip that application as a whole.

Looking at the performance of the Biostar HiFi Z97WE Motherboard we feel that it was a good performer and held its own in most of the benchmarks we ran. So if you over-look some of the quirky bugs we experienced, this motherboard does a wonderful job compared to others in its price range.

Overall, we have to say that it performed very well even once we overclocked the motherboard. While heat can become your enemy in this sector we think that Biostar set out a decent performing motherboard.


We found the Biostar HiFi Z97We Motherboard to be priced competitively at $124.99 on Newegg.com. While Biostar still needs to work out some of the bugs within its BIOS and software, at this price range, we find this motherboard to be a Great Value for its solid performance to dollar ratio.





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    Carlo Infante

    Not going to compare it’s design to other brands but at that price, you got everything you need. It has an M.2 too, sweet!

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