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Biostar Hi-Fi B85N-3D Motherboard Review

Posted March 6, 2014 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $129.99 on Amazon.com


B85 Chipset with the 4770K performs just as stellar as the Z87 chipset. Solid performance.


Lacks overclocking and Max memory speed support of 1600MHz
For a SFF motherboard, Biostar did a great job and crammed a ton of features into a tight space. Even with the lack of overclocking when paired with a flagship processor, the Biostar B85N-3D didn't disappoint.
by Kenny
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To wrap things up, let’s first go back and talk about the aesthetics of the Biostar B85N-3D motherboard. While this ITX motherboard isn’t a whole lot to look at due to its size, we are pleased with the layout. Some of the port locations may be questionable, but when you take a look at it as a whole, it made sense why Biostar did what they did. One item to caution here is that you need to be careful of your cooler choice due to the CPU socket being so close to the PCIe slot.

When it came to the software package, we were pleased to see that Biostar has revamped its UEFI Bios. It made things a lot easier to understand and the GUI interface make things very easy to use. The additional software such as the Speed LAN was a nice touch. The Smart Ear 3D along with Temperature monitor was a great part of the package.

For its performance, we knew coming into reviewing the B85 chipset that overclocking is going to be a big question mark. The B85 chipset is geared toward a budget line business model. This motherboard wasn’t designed to handle a heavy overclocking environment since the power phase is on the weaker end. So, while Overclocking wan’t quite as successful as some boards, the Biostar B85N-3D ran flawlessly at the default clocks. One thing we would suggest here is rather than running a flagship processor with the “K” unlocked series, you can save some money by getting a 4770 “locked” processor and have the same power. As you saw in our benchmarks, the B85 and 4770 performed about the same, or if not, only a few points behind in most benchmarks. If you take into consideration the lack of overclocking, this was a great board for those not looking to touch that arena.

To finish things up here… we find that the Biostar B85N-3D is the perfect candidate for an HTPC/Media build or a budget friendly gaming PC placed in a nice little package. We found the Biostar motherboard for $129.99 on Amazon.com which is a fair price for the features and performance you will get from the Biostar B85N-3D. With all that said, we honor the Biostar B85N-3D¬†with our PureOverclock Good Hardware Award.



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