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be quiet! PowerZone 1000W

Posted October 25, 2013 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $190


Sleek styling; Fully modular design; Quiet operation; Great performance


A bit pricey; Somewhat limited availability
A solid power supply that doesn't compromise on performance, quality, or features. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.
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by Jake
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At quick glance, it would seem be quiet! has put together a very compelling package here with the PowerZone 1000W: sleek styling, excellent features, and solid performance. Upon closer examination, the unit holds up well, with low noise levels, long cable lengths, and lovely design details.

From a performance standpoint, the PowerZone 1000W has excellent voltage regulation and ripple suppression, and will provide stable power for any upper-range system setup. Noise levels are indeed quiet during normal operation, although the fan does ramp up considerably when heavily loaded. That said, the signature isn’t offiensive, and noise levels will be quiet inside a normal case setup.

In terms of functionality, this unit is entirely modular, so you’ll save some time on keeping your case interior clean and tidy. Unfortunately there aren’t any flat modular cables here that we like to see, but the long cable lengths make up for it, for the most part. There’s a great assortment of cables that are well sleeved and sufficiently lengthy for a full tower case. The fan connectors aren’t necessary, but can be a convenient touch for some system builders. And lastly, with an 80 PLUS Bronze rating, this unit is respectably efficient for the price tag.

With a retail price of about $189, the PowerZone 1000W certainly isn’t the cheapest unit on the market. But cheaper doesn’t mean better; you usually get what you pay for, after all. That said, there are some compelling products in this wattage and price range (namely, Seasonic and their OEM-produced products), so be quiet! is in for a fight to gain more of a foothold in the North American market. That said, we think be quiet! is definitely on the right track, and the PowerZone is a good indication of what can happen with a smart combination of sleek looks, solid performance, and smart features.

be quiet!. has managed to provide a solid power supply that doesn’t compromise on performance, quality, or features, and we can’t help but be impressed with what you get. You do pay a premium, however, but you get what you pay for here.

be quiet! PowerZone 1000W




    It seems like a reliable and nice looking psu but who actually makes this psu ? Is it made for PowerZone ?


    Yep! I’ve been looking for one of the 1Kw versions and finally found one on newegg for $119.99 which is an amazing price when you take into consideration that these models were $189.99 at launch! Most reviews I’ve read say that it passes 80+ silver and even gold in some situations! Be Quiet is the number one manufacturer of PSU’s in Europe and I’m happy to finally get my hands on one! My R9 290 CF rig needs this PSU as it will not run with the current 800w Lepa PSU that I have now. As soon as it shows up on my doorstep and I have a chance to put it through the paces I’ll let you know what I think…great review by the way.

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