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be quiet! – Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler

Posted March 19, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $84.00 Euro


Great Cooling Performance and Aesthetic Appeal


Needs Low Profile Memory, Shows dust really easy, bit pricey
A great performing cooler at decent overclock settings with the sleek aesthetic appeal that is set to please.
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by Kenny
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If you are looking for this cooler in the US they may be a little limited right now. The company be quiet! isn’t as well developed in the US market quite yet. However they are quite large in Germany. Don’t let this discourage you. We have some information that be quiet! is planning to come to the US market and their products will be more readily available.

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, this cooler really hits the mark. If you are looking for a sleek with a dark nickel plating design, this is the perfect choice. The design may seem simple, but the performance enhanced features behind it really makes this cooler one of a kind.

While we try not to nit pick, here are a few concerns we wanted to point out. If you plan on using the cooler with tall heat spreader memory, you may want to reconsider this cooler, because you will have some clearance issues. Another item is the mounting solution. While it was a non issue for us, we feel others may have a concern since the access from the underside could be a problem with this installation. While most modern cases will have motherboard cut-outs to assist, not everyone has changed over to some of these more high-end cases. Also, because the top plate was black, dust could be another item that might concern some. Of course, this is a concern with any item that is black in color.

When it came to its performance we felt the cooler did very well. It wasn’t the king of the hill; however, based on the temps and design, this cooler performed more than adequate for the average consumer. Not everyone is looking to overclock the chip with high voltages. Still, at the overclock settings that we tested, it performed very well for both the Intel and AMD. As for the testing results, we feel that this is a cooler will be a good seller based on a number of reasons other then performance. As we continue to see with today’s hardware choice, aesthetics play a big roll. The be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 will definitely be a top pick in that category. When it came to the fans from the Dark Rock Pro 2, they were near Silent in audio able operation even at full load. So if you are looking for a good silent operating air cooler, we feel this hits the mark.

During the time of this review we didn’t find any US retailers that had this readily available. However it is sold in Germany and most European countries. We found the cooler for $84.00 Euro and with 20%VAT it comes to around $95.00 USD based on be quiet!‘s website. We thought this price is a little bit high. Still, with the aesthetic appeal and very good cooling performance, we give the Dark Rock Pro 2 cooler a Great Hardware Review.


be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler – Great Hardware






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