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Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 RAM Review

Posted July 12, 2018 by Josh Jackson in RAM


Price at time of Review: $393.46


Excellent Overclocking Potential, Great Quality, Professional Aesthetics


Software needs some extra features, Pricing is a bit high

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by Josh Jackson
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In some ways, I want to give this RAM a must have award, but it has some notable flaws holding it back. The largest issue is that the software needs to at least have the ability to run in the taskbar, especially since it’s needs to keep running in order for lighting profiles to stay in sync. Another issue I had was the RGB control. In a lot of ways, the Tactical Tracer RGB gives the user a great amount of customization options. Then again, many keyboard software programs will give users complete control of changing light profiles by letting them set a number of slides to certain colors, then run the slides at certain speeds to make unique color changing patterns. I feel like Ballistix should add this to their software.

That said, a great hardware award isn’t quite enough for me. The overclocking performance of this kit was beyond anything I expected. I’m used to getting 200-300 MHz tops from a kit. Even though that’s because other kits I’ve used are at a stock voltage of 1.35v, my highest overclock was nearly 1000 MHz above stock! That insane!!! I’ve never gotten a RAM kit to 3600 MHz until today. That said, I’ve noticed that the Ballistix kits costs a bit more than other RGB brands on the market. Overclocking varies, but it could be that Micron is using a stricter binning process as well. Even though the pricing is a bit high compared to other kits, I still award the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 RAM the Pure Overclock Editor’s Choice Award.


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