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Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 RAM Review

Posted July 12, 2018 by Josh Jackson in RAM


Price at time of Review: $393.46


Excellent Overclocking Potential, Great Quality, Professional Aesthetics


Software needs some extra features, Pricing is a bit high

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by Josh Jackson
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Packaging and Software

The packaging for the new kits looks great. It may be simple, but it’s also right in line with just about any other RAM packaging I’ve seen. There isn’t a ton of protection for the modules, but memory doesn’t seem to need that as much either.

MOD Software

One of the huge selling points of the new kits from Ballistix is the updated MOD software to monitor and control aspects of the RAM. The interface looks nice, which is a good start. Upon opening the program, the first page will show you module info for each DIMM. This can be helpful particularly for setting timings in overclocking.

The next tab has temperature monitoring in each DIMM. This is incredibly useful for overclocking. If you have a degree point that you’re comfortable pushing to regardless of voltage, then it can be real easy to find the max frequency that feels safe to run on a regular basis. The settings tab gives you options to sync the lighting perpetually, run the program automatically, and show a temperature widget. This is all a great start for the software, but there are some important features missing. For starters, there isn’t an option to run the program in the taskbar. That feels like a really important feature that’s missing. Also, if you have default UAC controls enabled in Windows 10, you have to allow it every time the program starts. Granted, that setting can be changed in Windows, but most monitoring/customization programs for hardware will usually run in the taskbar without the need for elevation. Finally, here’s a quick peak at the temperature widget. It’s a solid design that came in pretty useful when testing overclock limits.

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