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AZZA Titan 850W

Posted September 22, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The AZZA Titan 850 is priced very well for an 850W power supply, and can be found for as little as $150 USD. That makes it one of the least expensive power supplies in this market segment. It definitely is worth a look if you are making the leap to a higher wattage PSU.  It has a flawless matte finish and cool blue led back lit light once powered up. With a full complement of cables that are nicely sleeved, and finished with heat shrink tubing, I found the cables more than long enough for use in a full sized tower.

It has 6 +12v rails, with 20A on four of the rails and 33A on the other two, which are better specs than you may find on many other PSUs for twice the price. If used in SLI or Cross fire, each video card will be run on a separate 12v rail. My testing showed only a .03v drop in voltage during testing which is well within the expected allowances. How it would perform in a SLI/Cross fire setup remains to be seen, but I see no reason why adding an extra card would be a problem.

The AZZA Titan 850 is not a modular PSU, so if you are looking for that particular feature you should keep looking as this PSU is probably not the one for you. I was unable to max out the Titan 850, but I did get it up to 520W and it was surprisingly quiet. Not to mention that the Titan 850 only raised a couple degrees above room temperature at the 520W mark, which is tremendous and shows that the 140mm fan and the large honey comb ventilation designs are doing their jobs very well.

if you want an affordable power supply and don’t need a modular setup, take a look at the AZZA Titan 850W, we think it’s worth considering.



AZZA Titan 850W

Our thanks go to AZZA for providing the Titan 850W for this review.



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