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AZZA Titan 240 Case Review

Posted January 16, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $59.99 on Newegg


Spacious interior, Excellent looking design, Low fan noise, Sturdy contruction


240mm rad keeps top panel from snapping on, Molex connectors used for the fans
Considering the price, this is a surprisingly good case in this budget segment. While the 240mm radiator problem is a pretty large issue, if you don't plan on using that size unit then you don't have anything to worry about.
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by Josh Jackson
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Azza jumped into the tempered glass fray and it seems like they did a pretty good job overall. Temper glass side panels look excellent without even trying so it’s up to the manufacturer to make the rest of the case work as well. Overall, the Titan 240 does a good job of being a solid mid-tower case. Building in it was fairly easy which is always a plus in my book, while the overall build quality had a sturdy feel to it. Azza is on it’s way to being looked at as a premier case maker if it keeps these kind of qualities up.

Azza build

What will hold Azza back are two things that I hope change in the future. First, nothing says “cheap budget case” like a Molex connector on a fan. These fans usually end up being throw-a-ways and many manufacturers won’t use them. Still, this is minor in comparison to the top panel issues I had with the radiator. Users will expect to install a 240mm radiator in a top slot, which means there needs to be extra space to accommodate the ends that stick past the 240mm mounting holes. Putting fans in the top should alleviate the Titan’s problem, but could also hide a fan design the builder want’s seen. A simple redesign on the bracket or the panel could have stopped this from being an issue.

All around, Azza did a great job on this case though. The design looks great and it seems like quality materials were used. What really gets me about the Titan 240 is the fact that you can get a tempered glass case for $60. That’s a good price! What really gets me is the fact that Newegg has a $20 rebate as well. That can come and go, but that puts this case on the top of my budget list when compared to others of similar price. With a tad more attention to some details, I think Azza is going to be making the market sweat a bit. With that, we happily award the Azza Titan 240 Pureoverclock’s Great Value Award!



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    I love the review, the honesty by Josh was incredible, personally the case is alright if you only have 59.00 to spend but I think the case is just as important as the parts you put in it. Thanks for review Josh

    Neil Mathieson

    Good review Josh. One question, though….why is it still June at your house?

      Josh Jackson

      Well, I don’t have a new calendar, Kylo Ren is really cool, and that’s my favorite still of him. Sigh* probably should get a new calendar though. =(


    Hi, I have an optical drive which is 18cm long. I guess it will interfere with my ATX Mainboard? Could anyone check this for me please?

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