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AZZA Titan 240 Case Review

Posted January 16, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $59.99 on Newegg


Spacious interior, Excellent looking design, Low fan noise, Sturdy contruction


240mm rad keeps top panel from snapping on, Molex connectors used for the fans
Considering the price, this is a surprisingly good case in this budget segment. While the 240mm radiator problem is a pretty large issue, if you don't plan on using that size unit then you don't have anything to worry about.
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by Josh Jackson
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Cases intrigue me more than any PC component with the exception of cooling units. When it comes time to settle on the perfect chassis, it can take me hours and I still never seem to have 100% certainty on my selection. Because of this, I’m always happy to see numerous manufacturers bringing variety to the market. AZZA is a company I’ve seen numerous times, but this is the first time I’ve been able to get my hands on one of their cases.

The other revolution we’ve been seeing in the case market is the crazy amount of tempered glass cases that are being released by almost everyone. AZZA is no exception to this and there’s good reason behind it. The glass side panel goes a long way to making the case look far cleaner than any plastic one, while also making the components inside show through a bit clearer. The end result is a PC that looks a lot nicer than the Plexiglass type panels we’ve dealt with before. We’ll begin looking into how AZZA implements their design, but first let’s look at their statement to find out the philosophy behind the company’s designs.


AZZA’s Mission is simple: Your satisfaction is our success!

Jumpstarted with the Vision to build a premier corporate company that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers, team members and partners, AZZA is driven by the Mission to provide the highest quality products of unmatched value, along with exemplary customer support. We do this via the efforts of a highly dedicated, professional, productive and experienced workforce who shares a commitment to the long-term growth and success of the company.

AZZA is committed to a strategy developed under three core business philosophies: Innovation, Performance and Growth. The Company maintains an active product development program. It works to ensure that its technology enhances the efficiency of its products, its aesthetics graces the décor of the room, and its quality exceeds the expectation of the consumers.

Founded in 1996, AZZA launched its business as a motherboard manufacturer for the PC industry. The Company was one of the top ten leading suppliers globally in the 90’s. Jumpstarted in 2004 with the technology to build PC cases, AZZA expanded its business scope into the gaming industry and manufactured various OEM products including computer cases and power supplies for XION. In 2009, the Company restructured to establish its own label and began distributing products under AZZA’s very own trademark. Gaming needs is at the heart of its offering. For every product designed and developed, AZZA goes to its consumer for inspirations and ideas. When a product reaches the production phase, the manufacturing process meticulously tests every product at each stage of the assembly, and involves a detailed final inspection before the product is packaged and ready for distribution. From the early phase of design and development to the final phase of quality control, AZZA makes no compromise to performance, functionality and value. Our company now provides a growing and successful range of products to meet the demands of the gaming market. Since the launch of its very first case Solano 1000, AZZA is known for the quality, innovation and value of its product offering. Our products have since received numerous awards from reputable Reviews sites. Our long-term business collaborators include Cyberpower and iBuypower. We are proud that nearly every one of the AZZA products is being used in several of their popular system builds.

Growth is very much at the heart of AZZA’s Company value. While we stay focused and continue to develop and improve upon our existing lines of products of computer cases and power supplies, we are expanding our business scope to other lines of products including electronic accessories and thermal solutions. AZZA strives to be consumer focused, cost effective and state-of-the-art. We measure our success one consumer’s satisfaction at a time, and would not have it any other way.




    I love the review, the honesty by Josh was incredible, personally the case is alright if you only have 59.00 to spend but I think the case is just as important as the parts you put in it. Thanks for review Josh

    Neil Mathieson

    Good review Josh. One question, though….why is it still June at your house?

      Josh Jackson

      Well, I don’t have a new calendar, Kylo Ren is really cool, and that’s my favorite still of him. Sigh* probably should get a new calendar though. =(


    Hi, I have an optical drive which is 18cm long. I guess it will interfere with my ATX Mainboard? Could anyone check this for me please?

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